Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Day 5: 3 things I like about my personality.

Due to Ridlee's birthday yesterday I am a day behind. Which brings me to #1...

1. I'm easy going and prefer to go with the flow. Granted I can do structure, I just prefer a more laid back approach to life. Certain examples of this in my life: I am homeroom mom for my 8 year old's class this year. I wasn't begging for the job but apparently they were lacking in volunteers. I am not one to schedule itemized game time. I am more, "hey, I will bring lots of pizzas and help set up and if you want any other ideas from me let me know." The teacher loves this as she is like this too apparently. She has some minor games but nothing super strict and structured. I have been to kids parties where I felt anxious just because it felt to military. In my job I have my style and theories that I prefer, but one thing I am not real keen on is assigning paper type homework. That to me spells failure for lots of clients who already anxious and stressed. I have workbooks for certain things. Some clients want them. So I will give it. But we might spend a whopping 5-10 minutes on it and the rest is not assigned stuff. 

2. I am a fixer by nature. I guess I am more like a man in this respect. I don't complain to vent. At least not 99% of the time. If I complain about something. I want it fixed and it's something I can't do or I am trying to and getting too frustrated to think straight. If a problem presents itself, I want it dealt with, not pushed on the back burner. I do not like to procrastinate. On the flip side this presents as bit of a lack of patience at times. Yes, I hate having to wait to fix a problem. Example: get something in the mail that has an issue that needs addressed asap in my mind and the place that sent it has closing times that have already passed for the day. NOOOOOOO!!!! This also goes hand in hand with goal orientation, which helps in my line of work. It does however become frustrating when a client is not a doer and I help with coming up with their goals, give them proper tools to get there, and offer other support only for them to continue to not try and reach it. Therapy is not wanting someone to do all the work. You still have to work to get there. 

3. This last one is more like a double edged sword. I am very strong willed. This can be a great thing at times and others, well... let's say I am married to another strong willed person and several of our children are also very strong willed. It brings about a lot of frustration. Oy, the frustration! However, this strong will has pushed me to pursue most of my goals. Not intelligence, but sure will and determination. It's also the best weapon to have. When someone wants me to fail, I use it to push through. When someone tries to hurt me, I fight. I am not aggressive, passive, or passive aggressive. But I am very assertive. My will allows me nothing less. 

I am just glad this wasn't about the 3 things I hate about my personality. Although, these 3 could spin towards the negative side as well. 
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