Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

15 weeks

Gosh it actually seems like this pregnancy is starting to go by a little faster. The sickness has eased up a bit but I still get sometimes, including tonight. No more canned raviolis. While I have only gained about 4 pounds I feel like my belly is getting huge already. It's always worse at night though. The baby seems to be doing really good. Heart rate is always over 160 and usually over 170. We scheduled a 4D ultrasound in Tulsa next month on the 17th. Pretty excited to find out what the little bugger is. People keep asking me what I am hoping for. Honestly, I don't care. I see fun in both. Just hope for healthy.

Got a little shock this week. I say little because in the grand scheme of things it is not as bad as some people's news. My job has to apply for yearly contracts each year. Well we had been waiting patiently to find out if we got the contracts for the areas Intensive Family Services. Unfortunately we did not. This was quite a shock as the lady I work for has had them solely for the past 12 years. The organization that got it also got nearly half the states. We believe it's because they can bill medicaid first and we cannot. Bottom line all the way, who can save us money. So this means come July 1st most of my job will not be here. I say most because we still having our counseling contracts that I will be able to do. It is just not a full time job money wise. I always try to see the positive side and immediately told myself God has a plan. I may not know what it is, but I trust in him no less. Well, one thing I am hoping to do is get the ball rolling on my own private practice. This has been a goal of mine for quite some time, but I will admit I have put it on the back burner for some reason. Well this just pushed me into gear and in 3 days time I have accomplished a lot. I built a website in one night. View it here!

The next day I talked with my supervisor who also has his own private practice and got a lot of good information and resources. I am in the process of meeting with my preacher to discuss using the church parlor as a meeting place with my clients. I have also talked with my boss about renting one of the offices where we are at currently for a good price a month. I might even use both places. I already have the malpractice insurance done which I have done at the beginning of the year for the past 3 years just to make sure. I am looking at becoming an LLC soon. As you can see there is a lot to be done and still so much more to do other than this. My main fear is getting my client base going. Good news is I have a lot of ideas for that. But nothing happens overnight and I am worried about how long it will take. My ultimate goal is to have between 15-20 clients a week and that includes the clients from where I work now. I am excited about this new endeavor and pray that it is God's will for me. One thing I have always hoped with my career is to be able to be more available for my children. With the job I have now I have had that and have felt truly blessed to have it. In so many ways it was perfect for me. And I loved doing it. It is not for everyone, but it was definitely suited for me.

So if you are reading this, I will ask for any prayers you can give to help me out in this transition.

Friday, May 06, 2011

13 weeks...

Now in the second trimester. Always an awesome milestone to reach in every pregnancy. So far things are going fairly well. Nausea is easing a bit. Tiredness still continues. Otherwise I feel pretty good. Only gained about 3 pounds so far. Went to Shogun's today with Ryker and Steven as a celebration for reaching the second trimester. Didn't help that right before bed we were watching the Green Hornet and they mentioned a Hibachi place. That set it in motion.

It's Mother's Day weekend and we are going to Oklahoma tomorrow and Sunday. I am craving Pete's Place (awesome old school italian food) in Kreb's. My sister is also graduating College tomorrow. I feel really old now considering she is 8 plus years younger than I.

Monday, May 02, 2011

End of home team season!

Last night was the championship for the leagues home teams. It was a battle between my home team the Heartbreak Rollers and the Hardwood Hustlers. While I obviously didn't get to skate for obvious reasons I did get to bench coach my team. It was a hard fight all the way and we ended up victorious 73-53. Super defense the whole game. Super fun, almost as fun as if I were actually skating in it. Well... maybe. ;) I do like coaching though.

Oh, and on a total different topic... Bin Laden was killed. No other comment and I am ready to see it out of the news already.