Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Play Therapy office!

Can't tell you how excited I am about how it turned out. We literally just got it done. Only thing missing is a sand tray table, which Steven plans on making me. I am sure I will add more later as well!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Summer is here in our household...

Well officially for the kids anyways. Although Gage has to go back on Wednesday to make up the 2 finals he missed on his last day for being sick. Murphy's Law at work. Steven still has today and tomorrow to finish out for teachers then he is home for the summer. I work tomorrow so the kids will have Ridlee's babysitter watching them. I plan on teaching the older 3 cursive and lots of extensive vocabulary this summer. They worked on some last year so this is something I do to keep them learning. I may extend it to some researching as well. I have lots of ideas in place for summer trips nearbye to keep them busy here and there. I so badly want to see Terra Studios  soon. I have heard some great things about it so it will probably be our first trip.

On a side note I finally broke down and got a second vehicle that can fit all 7 of us. It's our thrid Hyundai in a row. It's a Vera Cruz. So far I really like it. Not quite a minivan not quite a SUV. It was between that or a Ford Explorer. This won out.

Pics from recent.

Pulled the sandbox out finally.

 This little girl has grown nearly 2 pounds in the last month.

This little guy and his mama has been in our back yard recently. 

All good warriors take naps with their sword.