Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New look requires new post

Pretty laid back day. Finally got my date for my oral interview for my Counselor licensing. No surprise it's the exact same date as our last home bout. Got me a room the night before in Little Rock so I don't have to drive the 3 hours there at the crack of dawn.

Had trouble walking today. Seemed to have developed a nice blister underneath my pusher callous on my right foot. As hard as I tried not to jam to much last night, I did end up doing more than it was ready for after I cut it off (bad move, I know). Ah, the joys and pains of derb. Speaking of derb and last home bouts, I hope everyone is making plans to be there on the 9th. It promises to be an event to remember. The Killbillies are seeking revenge on the Mad Maxines (from Nebraska) from last season's bout. The Betties are going to be beating down some Alabama butt as well. Also be at Art's Place this Saturday for our car wash. It's a win win situation... make a donation and we wash your vehicle and give you a hose down if you ask. As hot as it's been, you may appreciate it.

Been contemplating some career ventures as of late. Steven has been pushing me to do the Non-Traditional Program he is in. At first I was pretty dead set against it. I have no desire to teach kids all day. Then he mentioned I could do School Counseling. While it isn't a whole lot different than what I am doing, there are aspects of the "guidance counselor" I am not crazy about. Including the college prep stuff. Steven says they don't do a whole bunch of that in the big schools here and that there are other positions that do that now. So I thought a little more on it and went and looked and apparently in the State of Arkansas, guidance/ school counseling is a high need area for this year. I do have to admit the idea of paid summers off is very interesting, as well as the fact that school counselors in the bigger schools here make 20K-30K more than average therapists. Of course there is the whole NTL program and more money I would have to spend on getting in it. But I figure I have some time until next year to think about it. I guess it couldn't hurt to look into.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Creepy crawlers

So tonight I decided to go see the new Dark Knight movie, by myself. For those who know me, you know I like to see movies by myself, so don't feel sorry for me. True introversion in all its glory. So this has been the 4th or 5th weekend this summer I have had the kids to myself as Steven went to Oklahoma to work with his dad. Needless to say, I needed the break. So upon arriving at the Springdale 10:10 showing I got my drink and turned in my ticket, only to be turned away for another 5 minutes or so for cleanup from the earlier crowd. So I sat on the nearest bench, drinking my drink, when I decided to put my light sweater on that I brought, to keep me from freezing, which always happens when I go to the movies. About a minute later I feel what I thought was something crawling on my back. I felt back there to only find my tag. I thought nothing of it, as the past week I have felt creepy crawlers all over me. I have a bad fear of spiders and this time of year is awful, especially considering I have seen 2 or 3 huge fiddle backs (brown recluses) in my house in the past month, as well as seeing nice an ugly bite on a healthy male of league... this has only fed my neurosis.


Next thing I know I feel a very definite crawling thing in my pants on my butt. I froze for about 2 seconds and then jumped up ever so high, and swat my butt as hard as I could while at the same time try and grab whatever it was to prevent it from possibly biting me. I then run to the women's restroom only 5 feet away and leave my purse unattended while I quickly jump in a stall and strip off my sweater and the lower half of my attire, looking for what I was sure to be a spider. None was seen. Then I noticed a somewhat smashed looking bug on the floor. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a June bug. I hoped it was the cause of my temporary attack, as I like them and was even a bit sad to see it smooshed. I then calmly get dressed and walk out to some very odd looks and go about my waiting to go in the movie. I broke the uncomfortable silence by calling my husband and telling him of my humor. And then I quickly went in to watch a good movie along with the other 10 other people there. Second week out and this theater was not packed for this showing, I am stunned. But loved it none the less.

Now that's entertainment...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Plasma Power

As the days go by and the longer it takes before I go before the Board of Counseling Examiners of my State, I am finding it more and more tempting to donate plasma for some hard earned cash. I was told that I was on the books for August, which meets the 8th and 9th. No letter in the mail has arrived to tell me the exact date and time. This could be that the phone call I made over a month ago to change my address is still being ignored. Last thing I received from them still did not have my changed address on it and of course causes things to take forever due to being forwarded. And these are the people in charge of my license and whom I am supposed to aspire to. You would think that changing an address would be an easy task as well as sending out invitations well enough in advance that people actually can make reservations for a hotel room if need be. But, alas, the rest of the world must not run like I would prefer it to.

Still the question lingers, would donating plasma twice a week affect my energy level for derb? Honestly, it's the only thing keeping me from it right now.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More derby pics

A few from Austin...

Not sure what's Zilla's move is here, but it looks sweet.


Me next to the legendary Derringer, one of us looks superimposed.


Check out Pro in the background.


And some pics from the TARG bout in OKC.



Almost that time of year again...

At least right around the corner. August that is. The busiest month in this household every year. My 9th Wedding Anniversary is on the 14th and my birthday is on the 23rd. I have decided to do something this year, since I never do anything for it. Even if it's something low key. Haven't decided what just yet. Of course Gage and Steven start back to school, and for once I do not have to, however my oral boards are next month, which means I get to start actually doing therapy soon for payment. That is a huge deal for me. Our last home bout is also next month on the 9th and there is a good chance that my oral interview will be on the same day... in Little Rock!

This past Friday, my Betties and I traveled down the way of OKC to play Tornado Alley Rollergirls. The venue was set at the Old Farmers Market. Very neat venue, except for the floor itself. All night I kept telling TARG girls, "I love your venue, but your floor sucks!" Upon looking you wouldn't expect it to be so bad as it looks like your normal everyday wood floor. Except it wasn't treated and OMG it was slick as snot. Almost every jam I did consisted of me going around the corners and ending up out of bounds from just sheer sliding. I really could have used some ankle weights or something, but not sure if that would have even helped. None the less, I do feel a little cheated being that it was my last Betties game.BTW, we lost.

Having 3 bouts in 1 week is tough, especially with all of them being out of town and driving all over God's green earth to get to them and home. My body has been screaming for a week long slumber as well as an hour massage. Neither of which is going to happen anytime soon. Steven left after practice last night to go to Oklahoma to help his dad out with work for a few days. So I am a single parent for those few days as well. Not necessarily a bad thing, except when you are this tired, even the most trivial things take too much energy, like taking some movies back to store, which if you have kids you understand that doesn't just consist of hopping in your vehicle and going. Nope, it's getting 3 kids out of the house, keeping them from running in the road while you lock the door, buckling them all up, then dragging them all out for a 2 minute stay, and then dragging them across the parking lot, back to the car and then buckling them all up again. Then you ask yourself how you broke out into a sweat in a 5 minute trip. No wonder I get weird looks when I tell people I would like more kids.

My exhaustion has also kept me from getting as excited as I could be considering that yesterday (I think, my days are all running together) Fight the Blaze is now and official 501(c)3 non-profit with the IRS. If you know anything at all about this, it started in 2005. The road has been long and sometimes painful trying to get it going. But now there is a sense of calmness and pride with it all coming together like I had hoped.

Although I am tired, I am truly happy of how much has happened this year and how things are going. Derby is still strong in my heart and has not deminished, but grown stronger in desire. School finally coming to an end, plus everything else has been huge blessings for me and my family. I hope to see many of my friends at the last home bout next month. It promises to be a show. Teams from Nebraska and Alabama are coming to play the Killbillies and the Betties. So save the date on August 9th to make it out. I will post a flyer soon.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Texas Highlights

Well this weekend was a blast in all aspects. Trip took about 8-9 hours to get to Houston. We arrived at about 9ish on Friday morning. Spent the day mostly lounging around and cat napping. The group decided not to go see fireworks, instead stayed by the pool at the hotel and had a blast. So glad we did that. Sat. was spent lounging as well until it was time to get ready for the bout. After a brief dinner of appetizers at a Mexican place with a few of the Houston Hard Knocks and their refs, and families we left for the bout. As far as the bout, all I have to say is... I hate that floor. It was a ice rink with "sports flooring" put down. It was tiled, slick, and covered with dandruff looking flakes all over, which I later learned was insulation. Mellow and I fell doing our first toe starts, which gives you an idea of how slick it was. I couldn't go my usual speed nor could I do any of my evading. But nonetheless we put up a great fight. Also saw some amazing jamming by Death by Chocolate (DBC). The girl has moves.

We then headed over to some Ice House bar that had open garage doors which made me a fan quickly. They had a outdoor volleyball pit, karaoke, and dancing. So I had a blast. The Killbillies all got up and sang U Can't touch this by MC Hammer, with side dancing and everything. I even got my groove on singing Black Velvet and made me some nice cash in my shorts, thanks to Dill for starting that. I left with more money that I started with that night. But the highlight of that night was definitely the Doogie Houser looking guy getting up and singing Hungry like the Wolf and getting stripped down by random girls and then eventually ending up in his skivvies and still rocked it... until 2 cops put a stop to it.

I thought the night was over when we headed back to the hotel. My roomates hadn't made it back yet, so I went ahead and changed into my pj's. Next thing I know they arrive with a pleathera of Houston girls, refs, and others, and had themselves a little after party in our room until a neighbor complained. I of course just sat under the covers and people watched while watching Mall Rats on TV, while trying not to look to much like a stick in the mud.

Sunday, we headed out to Austin to play the Hell Mary's of the famous ranked #4 Texas Rollergirls. Once we arrived at the hotel room I decided to try and catch some much needed sleep. Everyone else went over to Sparkle Plenty's house for fajitas. From what I hear, she had an awesome skate ramp in her own backyard. I was sad I missed it, but if anyone knows me at all, I have to have my sleep or I get cranky and worthless.

The bout that night was awesome. We held up fairly well in the first half considering who we were playing and went into the second half just wanting to have fun. It worked as we actually ended up outscoring them in that half. Unfortunately we were still 50 points behind from the first half. We didn't care, we were thrilled and judging from our expressions, you would have thought we won. We were told by several people that night that we played a heck of a game, especially considering we were playing against some of the best in the sport. That made us feel awesome.

The after party wasn't too bad, but considering how hungry I was and no food was there I wasn't the happiest rollergirl there. I was even scouting victims for possible cannibilistic ventures. Luckily Ziv Kruger (photographer and roller derby enthusiast) offered to take a few of us to a local 24 hour diner in the heart of Austin. I of course jumped at the chance and we headed out. But not before getting a call that the fish tacos finally arrived at the after party. Oh well, we were on our way already and I wasn't about the stop. Glad I didn't. Nothing like breakfast at 1 in the morning followed by and amazing brownie ice cream dessert. We even got a private tour of Austin from Ziv. I got some sleep that night, well 6 hours I guess which was good considering the amount for the whole trip. The next day we headed the 8 hours back. The trip was a blast, but it was nice to get back to see the kiddos and Scuba. I spent the day today recovering and just lying around. I now have this weird eye twitch thing that won't go away. Weird.

Some picture highlights...

Some of the gang eating at Buca's


Jamming at the Houston bout



DBC getting sandwiched between Saba and Pork, I think she still managed to get through it


After the bout



Dill teaching our Pirate Cap'n Jay how to swim. See the irony.


Dill and Wop doing synchronized cartwheels into pool


Jamming against Bloody Mary of the Hell Mary's of Austin, me new derby hero, she was amazing.


After the bout with Zilla, Jay, and Dill


random travel shot with Dill, Robyn, and Dimah


Beautiful sky shot from the vehicle on the way home


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It's here already. Was it not just February last month? This year is going by way too fast. I have been somewhat on the annoyed end today. I guess annoyed is a light term. Agitated as all get out, is more like it. I have been waiting patiently for my invitation to my oral Counseling Board interview since graduation in May as well as my MFT exam scores since I took it in May also. Well apparently, due to a miscommunication by the registrar's office at JBU, my "official" transcript never got sent to the Board therefore delaying my invite for this month. They only meet one weekend each month. Apparently they sent my transcript from back in Feb. but not the completed version after I graduate. Why would I want just part of it sent. They have done enough of these to know that won't get me an invite. Well, after tons of calling around today, they said they would send out an "official" copy tomorrow. Hopefully they get it soon, as I would actually like to start making money again. Oh, I forgot to mention... my scores... that were suppose to take 6 weeks max are still no where to be found and are apparently going to take longer than expected. At this time I just want to know. The test was on a computer, why on earth would it take so long to get those scores back? The NCE gave us our scores immediately. Anyways, I wait patiently... again! I just keep thinking of one of favorite Bible versus to give me some insight and comfort.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Normally on Wednesdays we have Betties practice, but this week it has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Tomorrow is also when I leave for Texas to play Houston and Austin... a mere 3 hours after practice... yes at midnight. So tonight, Steven and I got some smoke bombs, pop pops, and cute fountains for the kiddos. They had a blast making volcanoes out of freshly cut grass. Ryker mostly played with dirt and rocks. Typical little boy.

On a bittersweet note: the 11th will be my last bout with the Betties in OKC. As of this past week I am officially on the Killbillies team. I love my Betties and will miss bouting with them terribly. I will continue to go to the practices as it does my butt some good, as well as to prevent Bettie withdrawal that I know will occur. Of course now there is this fear of having to measure up to Killbillie status. Ahh the pressure.