Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Sitting here waiting on Ridlee, while she's in Speech therapy and pondering the mysteries of the brain. All my kiddos have had their own unique quirkiness. I too was a pretty quirky child. Ridlee though, from those early days as a super small baby and a sensitivity to any caffeine I drank, has had some interesting quirks. Even in the field I am in, there is constantly a learning curve. It wasn't until recently that I found a term for what she has. And I still don't know what's really under the iceberg of what we see with her. It was around 6 months or so ago that we even knew she knew all her letters, identifying them just out of nowhere. We had not been actively working with her on them. She learned them on her own. We knew she had an affinity for numbers and colors, but the letters shocked us. That's just an example of how we learn what she might know. Her pragmatic speech is delayed, even though she said her first word around the typical age most do. She's just didn't talk as much for awhile. Everything else has come easy and early for her. The past couple of months I've seen a side of her that is both fascinating, yet confusing. She is becoming more fascinated with phonics, to the point that I was even curious if she could be reading before she actually carries on conversations. Apparently you can. I'm learning as I go with this one. But the term is hyperlexia. And there are three types. She is a classic third type. These types are not your neuro-typical child just reading early (that's hyperlexia 1) but these types often have Speech delays and some other odd traits that overlap the autism spectrum, but usually dissipate overtime. Some of those have already dissipated. This brings out so many questions on the brain for me. We truly don't know why one part of the brain can be advanced while another is delayed. When thinking of those injured in accidents this comes to me a lot. Parts recover quickly while others take longer. This one organ holds so many mysteries. I probably think too much on it. I will say this though, I don't want to "fix" Ridlee. Whatever she has is amazing and I love it. She is the sweetest, most affectionate, most stubborn, and active little girl. Her speech will catch up. This is definitely an adventure for sure. And I'm learning things from her everyday. Most of which is helping me in my own profession. #adventuresofRidleeEvangeline #hyperlexia

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Catch up...

I will start from today and go back and hopefully not miss anything. 

Today was my first summer 10k and man was it hard. It was hot, hilly, and I didn't carb up enough. It doesn't help that I am actually trying eat super healthy recently and get rid of all the processed crap. Unfortunately a side effect is running performance in races is hindered. I did fine up until mile 5 after many of the hills and just felt a crash. But I still managed a 10k under an hour.

The older kiddos/ the Bigs got home from camp yesterday. They went to the one I went to as a kid in Oklahoma. Small and more like a family. They of course had a blast.

Yesterday also marked one year since we got Harley. It was her celebratory gotcha day. 

I got a chance to take Heston to a play center last week, while Ridlee was at school. This might be the last time for awhile that I got to do something with just him. I took him for coffee/brownie for him that morning, then went and played, and then went to eat. He had fun.

And last but not least the older boys got hair cuts. Gage even went for a new style.

The Bigs still have another camp coming up and VBS is next week. I am hoping I can keep the blog up through the summer, but there is a lot going on for sure. 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Heston Pre-K Graduation!

My youngest boy will be headed to Kindergarten in the Fall. Time please slow down.

Him saying he wanted to be a teacher...

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was my ideal Mother's day! I wasn't able to get up in time for church as Ridlee didn't sleep good last night and I needed to make up for my lack of sleep dealing with her. But when I did get up and ready, Steven made me an omelette and we watched Dr. Strange. The whole family later went to the park and then we went home and Steven cooked chicken out. We then finished up with a trip to Starbucks. So ideal and laid back, with time spent together. It's the best kind.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Ryker's Midsummer Nights Dream performance

Last night was Ryker's TREC/ GT performance. He played the same part Kieran did 3 years ago, Peter Quince in a Midsummer Nights Dream. He added an accent for giggles apparently.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ridlee update

 I have not updated on Ridlee in awhile. While her speech is still delayed and she is receiving twice a week sessions, her intelligence is not. She has taught herself all of the ABCs (identifying and saying), colors, numbers to at least 20, and shapes. I say taught herself, she learned them watching toddler youtube videos in less than 2 months. 
Here she is singing her colors with one of them. The jumping around is something she does a lot while singing and playing. She is definitely a sensory seeker. We had to get her another indoor mini trampoline, only this time we went hardcore and got the adult exercise version to last longer. She broke the last one using it so much. 

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kieran's Jr. High Prom!

Despite the severe flooding in the area, Kieran was able to still have her prom. We didn't get to get any pics outside though. 

With her friend Zoe.

With her group.

Hair and makeup 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

First Marathon!

Yes, I have been keeping a blog secret. I have been training for a marathon since January. Technically much longer just to build a base, which I highly recommend. There is no way I could have ran this without injury if I didn't have those 2 years of running prior. It took a full year just to work out my shin splints. Also runner's knee this time last year was an issue. So when I finally told myself I would train for one, I also told myself I wouldn't do it the traditional way running tons of miles. I actually only ran on average of 25 miles a week. I utilized the 3 day a week of runs and added 2-3 times a week of cross training, including HIIT, strength, and HILT. I believe without a doubt this helped me not to develop any injuries during my training or any injuries during the race itself.

I had my eye on the Hogeye since it moved to Springdale this year. Literally a part of it wasn't just a couple of blocks from my house. It would be dumb to pass it up with support close. So I officially signed up for the Bentonville Half the week prior to get me at least goaling for it, but eyeing my long runs for the full. I managed to complete all training runs, which included two 20 milers, an 18 miler, and several just under that. They were all tough and even hit a wall on one of the 20 milers. The pain in the back of my legs was legit. I even got the flu sometime in there and it didn't keep my from my long runs. The timing did help. I ran them on Wednesday's at the park close to my work right after my last session of the day. On day's I ran the 20's I had to cut a client at the end to make sure I had enough daylight to run. 

The week before the Bentonville half I got the dreaded bronchitis. It was viral so the only thing to help was cough medicine and an inhaler. I was just starting to get on the mend by race day. My goal wasn't to race but to use it as a training run. I did that and ran it around 2:22. The medal is here with all my others. It's the one on the left. 

Day of my full came and so did all the gitters. I lined up with the 5:00 pacers having absolutely no idea what I would be able to do. It was supposed to get very warm and the hills would be bad. I started at a very comfortable pace and ran my first 5k slower than my next two. I managed speeding up a little without putting out any extra energy. I was able to run all the way to mile 15.5 without stopping. That even included the majority of the hills from mile 11-15. At mile 15.5 I saw Steven and Kieran waiting to give me a protein drink. About 50 ft away from him I literally tweaked my ankle and fell. Thanks to quick reflexes from derby, I was able to not fall full force on my knees by diverting energy into a roll. It helped and I literally rolled right back up. Knees were stinging but not bad. Ankle was fine after pausing a bit to drink. After I started moving again, I noted I lost my Tylenol. Unfortunately there were no med tents to get any more. But the 2 I took before the race lasted and I made it without hitting that dreaded pain wall in my legs. At mile 21 I took a quick bathroom break and was able to get a second wind after that. The 5:00 pacers came around just as I came out. I joined them for awhile until mile 23 had a surprise winding hill that no way could I run up. So I lost them, or they lost me. After that the fatigue was high and I had to go into a run/walk pattern. I kept changing it up, but mostly did 30 seconds of running mixed with 10 seconds of walking. That helped pass the time and by the time the finish line was in sight I said I was going to go strong to the end. I managed to get out a fairly good sprint at the end and was happy of my time of 5:04:18. I came through and pointed to God. There is no way I could have done this without him. Especially with no wall and making it through all those hills in miles 11-15. Considering the fall, the heat starting at mile 16, and the hills I was more than pleased with my time, 

My bling. 

Heston showing it off. 

So 2 days later I am not as sore as I thought I would be. I had a massage scheduled today and that helped. I probably will do more of these, since it didn't kill me. Right now I have a scheduled 5k at the end of them month with Ryker's school. The bigger races are in the fall and I plan on varying my training with some trails in the near future. It's nice not to have to worry about anything specific right now. 


On a sadder note I did want to include that my Aunt Sharon passed away this morning. She has been fighting a lot of health issues in the past 3 years and put on a brutal fight all the way through. I am sad for my family, but happy that she is no longer suffering. It was a year yesterday that I lost my first Uncle Jess in a motorcycle accident. It never gets easier. Please remember my family in your prayers. 


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