Sunday, January 27, 2008

For parents of children ages 6 months to 6 years

This is absolutely amazing.

They say if you can get 30 parents in the same area interested a certified intstructor will come a teach this. I of course signed up for the Fayetteville area, so if you live around here please fill it out.

Moral boosting

K, so I haven't updated much this month. Mostly same ol' stuff going on in my life and well after awhile it becomes redundant. Started my final semester of school. Been trying to get all my applications ready for the 2 licensure tests I will be taking. Let me just say the whole jumping through hoops just to take an exam doesn't really appeal to me, but ey, got to do it to get all this finished and out of the way. I guess I am fairly lucky that this semester is on the fairly easy side for classes as I am not into pushing myself hard this semester. I find myself thinking of derby more often than school. I also find that the latter consumes my thoughts before bedtime almost every night. I have to make myself think of other stuff. I am very excited about this season although I am very nervous about our bout in Dallas in 2 weeks. I have had 1 month to train to be a jammer. Not enough time, but I am forcing myself to make do. I am finding how far I can push myself, constantly analyzing every dang thing I do (imagine that, me analyzing). I WANT to get better. I WANT to see what I am capable of physically. I have always loved sports but coming from a small hick town in Oklahoma there wasn't much to choose from other than Basketball and Softball. I did both, which gave me an excellent grasp of team sports from the ages of 7-16 years old, from one or the other or both.

As part of my training I also changed my diet. Eating smaller portions, with a lot more fiber and protein. Lost 9 pounds this month. And I will keep on keeping on. And Steven has even joined me, which makes it easier for me.

Today was our league photos and then practice followed. I was gone way too long today, because when I got home, the first thing I met when I came in the door was Steven telling me that he almost had to take Kieran to the ER. Apparently she said, "Daddy, I have a jewel in my nose!" So he did the daddy thing and pushed one side of her nose closed and told her to blow out the other side eventually forcing it out. This whole time I am assuming it's a fairly small jewel, like those fake earrings for little girls. Well, he showed me and it was a dark red pointy jewel about the size of 2 beans in length. He said her nose bled when she got it out. I am just glad she didn't swallow it.

So anyways, I am sitting here utterly exhausted after getting my butt kicked by the Killbillies, with my knee propped as it is hurting. I am sure I earned about 5 new bruises at least tonight to add to my collection. I still have that awful bruise from Apache on one hip and now a matching one on the other side tonight by the concrete floor. Summer isn't going to be too fun covered with bruises all over. People are going to think Steven beats me. At least those who don't know me, might think that.

Ok, so I am out, and wrote way to much. Sorry, I just do not want to move right now.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Very cruel

Ok, so low calorie snacks are all the rave now. They can literally make anything low calorie now, if they try hard enough. And those 100 calorie snacks are awesome. Well as some know I have a heart for chocolate. Life is managable with chocolate. I love chocolate cakes and brownies. So when I see a low calorie cake or brownie I jump on it. Well, last trip to Wally World and there on a shelf stood the yummiest looking 100 calorie brownies. So I grabbed them. So I open the box a few days later and the minute that brownie fell into my hand I found myself cursing Little Ms. Debbie herself. I could see her in a factory somewhere laughing her butt off at the practical joke she was pulling.

Needless to say this is the brownie in question, the miniscule square looking thing in the middle of the 100 calorie rice krispie treat and the 90 calorie quaker mini delights (also pretty delish!).


Yeah, so 2 bites = 100 calories! I am sorry I can make a 100 calorie brownie about 4 times that size. I am ready to kick Lil' Debbie's ass!

Oh and my apologies, January is a normal month thus far, so not really anything huge to blog on, except miniscule brownies.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Start of another year

And I marked the occasion by lounging around all day, since I have to go back to my duties starting tomorrow. It was nice getting to spend some quality time with the fam over the break. You would think I would be ready to go back to the normal stuff, but I could use another week. But onward I roll. I would be lying if I said that I was not intimidated by this year. While most on the agenda are called for celebration, there is also a daunting list of tasks that I wonder at times how I will get through. Excitement is overtaken with trepidation. This year not only is the year I graduate with my Masters, but is also our 10 year high school reunion, which I have been trying to get going. Even if it is a small reunion I would feel terrible if nothing at all was done. Also on this list is the 2 licensure exams I will be taking as well as my hopes to officially pass my Boards for my becoming a licensed therapist. Then the daunting challenge of possibly purchasing our first home, either way we will probably be moving in the summer or soon after. And then finding my first official paid therapist position, as well as getting the Non-Profit off and running. Of course this will also be my first official full season of Rollerderby, with several out of town bouts, the first being in Dallas in February, which is a month away!! Nervous doesn't even begin to explain that one. So here I sit with the amazement of how fast last year went by, but wonder of how this next year will be in comparison. Who knows, but writing this just reminded me I need to go renew my insurance to practice... So later!