Saturday, August 30, 2008

Even Perez hasn't caught this yet....


Oh and if you don't know who either one of these women are, you need to crawl out of the hole you have been hiding in and read the news and read up on Sopranos.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Me for President &last=Glory

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday take 28!

Another year has come and gone already. Seems twice as fast as each preceding years. I don't dread getting older. Other than seeing my grandchildren there is nothing left in my life that I feel I "need" to do. So everything else is just icing on the cake from here on out. Of coarse I always wonder where my life will bring me when I am 35 or 40 and so on. The curse of bad birthdays must have finally left me or at least given me a break. Although this morning I was beginning to wonder if it was on it's way to becoming another cursed one. Ryker has a severely red bottom and could not sleep well last night at all. Of coarse, Steven was once again out of town working with his Dad. So the lack of sleep didn't make for a perfect bday. Steven made it back into town in time to go to our couple's class dinner, with birthday flowers in tow. What I thought was a cookout ended up being a very nice homemade Northern New Mexico dinner made by a very talented man in our church. And his wife says he cooks like that all the time. It was followed by a nice Dairy Queen frozen cake especially for muah. It was nice as childcare was taken care of so it was just adults for the evening which is a change for myself. Now that we are home I am debating on going to see a good horror movie by myself. I have like 5 minutes to decide. So anyways here are some pics from today while at home.

lounging most of the day.


My flowers...


Kiddos eating the rest of my cake


28 today pic


Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm a dork!

I am sitting here unable to sleep as usual. Just got back from Dil's surprise 70's skating party and I am sitting here with my knee propped up after a spill with my derby wife Blonde Ice. I find the irony of being a rollergirl sometimes sadistic in the fact that I can never skate in a normal atmosphere without getting hurt. Why? Because I am so used to pads and when I fall my memory automatically goes to fall on my knees. Both got hurt, but my left took the brunt. The pain shot up like a torpedo to my brain and there for a few minutes I just rolled around on the floor doing breathing techniques. Why? Cause I have forgotten how to cry. Seriously. I have cried like maybe twice this year. I do believe it is a good coping mechanism, but for some odd reason mine has been shut off for awhile. Every now and then I might get a small choke on something on TV or on the news, but it ends as quickly as it started. And as far as getting hurt well, I notice my body instead just shoots pain everywhere to cope. I get a headache from hurting my knee. That sucks! Crying would be so much simpler. But alas I am broken.

On a better note, we got in from Oklahoma around 10ish tonight to find my Board approved letter stating I will get my license soon. Woo Hoo! Finally. I also got me a derby ball gown from my sister, which is better than anything else I have looked at thus far. Tomorrow... or I mean tonight is the NWARG potluck so today I will spend getting ready for that. Hopefully my knee cooperates. Will post the pics from the party soon. I have some really good ones I must say... just none of me and my fancy play skates with jump bar. Shame on me. Although, those things are cursed now and I am afraid to ever wear them again. Anyone wear a size 5?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last home bout pics

Giving my derby wife Blonde Ice some derby love.


Dimah reaching out her hand to me.


Jammer take out by Dis. Check out our bench in the back.


Awesome whip by Dimah...


She blocked her just enough so I could get by.


Slamming my way through the inside.


I got so low on this the other girls was grunting to try and get me.




9 years

Sorry for the lack of updates. Seems the Olympics have me for the time being. Seems this years drama is more than usual and well it's better than anything on cable at the moment. Ready for my favorite tonight with the Individual Women's gymnastics.

Today marked my 9th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe 9 years ago I was finishing up at our reception at this time. This also is our 11th year together as a couple, long time considering we are 27. Well, at least for another week for me. We went to Gage's school to meet his new teacher and look at his classroom today. His teacher is young and really nice so of coarse he really likes her. It always makes me nervous since what happened his Kindergarten year when I had to take him out and homeschool him because of a clash with his teacher. I am strange I guess when I am happy when the teachers are young, since that particular clash was based on an older teacher and old school mentality. Not saying an older teacher couldn't win me over, but I would be gun shy.

Last Saturday was my Oral Counseling Exam in Little Rock. It went over especially well, I think. Was pretty brief, even left me with this, "Is that all?" feeling. Hoping to hear back soon so I can start getting paid. That night was our last home game. All teams put up a great fight. I have said all week that was definitely one of the most physical games and best defensive ones we have had all year. Killbillies were up by 1 point with 34 seconds left on the clock. There was a ref discrepancy after the time ran out and 3 points were given to the other team, giving them the win. Of coarse I believe we really won, but hey. All teams celebrated the same at the after party with the now infamous blue grass band, Cletus got shot. Has to be the first time a blue grass band made me plug my ears and make me blush with some of the words they were using.

Tomorrow we head to Oklahoma for a night to see the fam. It's been awhile for me and the kiddos. Hopefully it's as nice down there as it has been here. Loving the cool August weather.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Woke up to a thunderstorm today. Normally that's good for me if I don't have to go anywhere. It's soothing. Last rain we had was like a month ago and noticed at that time we had a leak in our sunroom. Supposedly it was fixed a couple of weeks ago. But nope, went in to let the kids play and bam one of their toys was soaked. The same place it was leaking before as well. Not a good way to start the day.

Oral licensing exam is in 2 days. Just found out the license itself costs $240. More money to fork out to start getting paid. If you only knew what I have already paid for the exams and crap so far. It's worse than trying to get a union card before working. It better be worth it. Was told today I could do a Care Coordinator position at work to start making money until my license is ready. Told them I wouldn't mind if they did not mind it only being a week or 2 on the job. Will start that next week if they figure it's not a waste of time.

Good news on the front... looks like my birthday has actual plans this year versus me staying home. I am dead set on trying to kill the curse of bad birthdays. Two events fell on my lap and I really didn't even need to come up with them. Our couples class through church is having a cookout on my birthday, complete with free babysitting and cake for me. Exactly my kind of birthday. The Sunday before on the 17th our league is having another carwash in Springdale. That night I have volunteered my home for NWARG's Birthday Potluck for all the peeps on league with August birthdays. My whole life I have shared this month's birthdays festivities with lots and lots of people. My family has several August birthdays including my Dad, which is exactly a week after mine. One would wonder why so many people are born that particular month and then you do some counting and notice that 9 months prior is dead set in Winter and around the Holidays. Hmm, makes you think.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Summer in full force

Well, August is here and with it comes the "blazing" heat. That word has so much meaning to me now. If you don't know why, then never mind. Today was our leagues car wash. In short it was a success. Nothing like demeaning oneself to make money for a good cause. I definitely preferred washing the cars to holding the signs, that's all I am saying. My spf 70 worked awesome and has left me feeling sandpaperish and smelling "sunny"... but no sunburn.

My husband is currently on his way back from Oklahoma. Our temporary car (borrowed from Daddy) has quit on him twice so far. Why? Because of it's nice useful gas saver feature that makes the engine stop when it gets too hot. First time it did it was when we went to Dallas in Feb. and we were stuck in traffic due to a wreck. Fun times. Only this time, it's doing it as he is going down the highway. Now normally once a car is going, it is unlikely to do this because of the air blowing in. However, when the air outside is over 100 degrees, it's not very helpful. So Steven has figured out he needs to turn off the a/c and put some water in it. Hopefully he will be home soon. I could really use an ice cold beverage right about now, something fruity, like... koolaid!!! What? Did you think I was going to say margarita?