Thursday, August 07, 2008


Woke up to a thunderstorm today. Normally that's good for me if I don't have to go anywhere. It's soothing. Last rain we had was like a month ago and noticed at that time we had a leak in our sunroom. Supposedly it was fixed a couple of weeks ago. But nope, went in to let the kids play and bam one of their toys was soaked. The same place it was leaking before as well. Not a good way to start the day.

Oral licensing exam is in 2 days. Just found out the license itself costs $240. More money to fork out to start getting paid. If you only knew what I have already paid for the exams and crap so far. It's worse than trying to get a union card before working. It better be worth it. Was told today I could do a Care Coordinator position at work to start making money until my license is ready. Told them I wouldn't mind if they did not mind it only being a week or 2 on the job. Will start that next week if they figure it's not a waste of time.

Good news on the front... looks like my birthday has actual plans this year versus me staying home. I am dead set on trying to kill the curse of bad birthdays. Two events fell on my lap and I really didn't even need to come up with them. Our couples class through church is having a cookout on my birthday, complete with free babysitting and cake for me. Exactly my kind of birthday. The Sunday before on the 17th our league is having another carwash in Springdale. That night I have volunteered my home for NWARG's Birthday Potluck for all the peeps on league with August birthdays. My whole life I have shared this month's birthdays festivities with lots and lots of people. My family has several August birthdays including my Dad, which is exactly a week after mine. One would wonder why so many people are born that particular month and then you do some counting and notice that 9 months prior is dead set in Winter and around the Holidays. Hmm, makes you think.

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