Sunday, January 27, 2013


I thought Heston was coming down with what Kieran had so we stayed home from church today. So far looks like a cold, which is annoying enough, but at least it's not strep. I did get to sleep in a tad today, which my body appreciated greatly. I am still ubber sore from a new workout 2 days ago. Good news is it's around my core area which is sometimes the hardest area to work, but gosh this one killed it. We have been mostly just lying around. Heston is asleep on me as I type. Pretty typical actually. I made some pinterest skinny confetti cupcakes today. Steven swore up and down sprite zero couldn't make a decent cupcake. He was wrong. He admitted it. My house is a mess and my dad just called and said he is probably coming down tomorrow or Tuesday. He must be healing pretty good from his surgery to want to travel. And no I don't plan on going on an energy expenditure to eradicate the mess. Kids will clean up their messes and I may do laundry, because that's how I roll. Honestly, my dad is pretty laid back and won't care for toys strung out here and there. I think he comes down to see the kids anyway.

Hard to believe we are almost in February. In some ways January has drug out and in some ways it is flying by. I think time generally is getting away from me as usual. It's hard to stay on top of things anymore. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact some things will always be behind and I am ok with that.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

More ick...

Took Kieran to Talequah's Indian hospital to meet Steven today (he was already in Oklahoma). Her fever got up to 103.2 under her arm today and scared the crap out of me. I thought it might be her tooth that's been lose and won't come out so I pulled it and the fever still kept going up. Turns out she has strep, which is weird because I specifically kept asking her if her throat was hurting (strep did cross my mind). No other symptoms except a slight cough when her fever got going and a slight runny nose. Definitely not flu symptoms. She was even eating at times.

Hoping no one else in the home gets it. Not how I like spending my weekends.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm so excited!!!

Steven surprised me today with Fleetwood Mac tickets for May in Tulsa! I was in a pretty down mood because Heston is teething his molars and not sleeping well (therefore neither am I). Kieran also was home today sick. He is going to Oklahoma tonight to help his dad tomorrow. So no rest in sight for me. So he told me he could cheer me up but that it would be my Valentine's Day gift. I told him there was not much that would improve my mood. He told me that if this didn't nothing would. I said "I don't doubt your sincerity but I doubt your gauge!" I was wrong he got me tickets and set up a babysitter already (it's on a Wednesday night). My mood obviously improved and I have been smiling since. This has been #1 on my bucket list forever (getting married and kids were checked off a long time ago).

Now if only I can go skydiving this year I will be set!!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am caught between that place of excitement and nervousness. The next few weeks are going to be very tough. Along with my usual counseling appointments I am taking on more at my play therapy office due to being able to take some insurances. This is a great thing. Well, I am also helping out another therapist friend that owns Necessary Play in Bentonville and was planning on taking her clients temporarily starting in February as she was going on maternity leave. God's timing kicked in and her little bundle was born yesterday so I start those this week. I have 26 sessions scheduled this week ( a lot for private). That's more than I had when I worked inpatient. And that is in 4 days. It doesn't sound terrible but these are spread out in 4 different offices. My play therapy office is in Farmington and my contract offices are in Rogers and Fayetteville. There are some days I will be in 3 offices. But I am not complaining. We are also trying to buy a house, crazy I know. I will also be looking at some this week in the few moments I can spare. I know it will only be this busy for a few weeks, but I am starting to get more and more insurance acceptances coming in meaning more clients at my play therapy office. Arkansas Blue Cross called this week and said I should be getting that acceptance in soon. This is the one I have been waiting for the most. My spring classes also start back on February 7th. For 3 weekends this semester I will be going the whole weekend, meaning no rest at all those weeks. I have seen the syllabus and boy a I looking at an even busier semester than the Fall one. It will eventually be over though. I have always seen it as time will go by either way. I can either look back after 6 months and be glad I pushed through or regret that I quit or put it off. This got me through my undergrad and graduate school. What doesn't kill me makes me prouder! :)

On another front my dad had surgery this week for a hernia repair. He has a pretty demanding physical job so this will put him out for awhile. He is a tough guy and doing great so far. He could always use more prayers though.

I have also managed to lose 6 pounds in about 3.5 weeks.  I am down a size in my pants. Pretty proud of my eating. I am cooking veggies left and right mixing them in everything. Less processed foods, less sugar, and more protein. I haven't had a cupcake, brownie, or baked good in this whole time and at times I wonder how I am making it. I am using myfitnesspal to log my diet and exercise. I have also been working out to all my videos, Slim n 6, Insanity, and 30 day shred. I get bored easy and will add others that I have as I go. When warmer weather gets here I can start taking things outside with the kids. Will be nice to use our basketball goal we got for Christmas for a change, this stupid weather has made it hard to even get it up.

To be cont...


Saturday, January 12, 2013

We are sad!

Steven and I had our first date night in about 18 months. It gets harder and harder not having family around. You feel guilty leaving 4 children alone with anyone, especially 4 very energetic children. Our Sunday School teacher and his wife blessed us with babysitting. Steven and I went to Shogun to eat as it's birthday tomorrow and it's his favorite. Then we went to shoot guns. Ha at the irony!

And yes that is a zombie I am shooting. I have to be ready for the zombie apocalypse!


Monday, January 07, 2013


Yes, I have decided to get back into derby. Don't know how much yet, but I have missed it far too long. I started back last night with a huge group of fresh meat and finally I am trying to break in my new skates I have had for several years. I ended up with no new blisters and no soreness as of yet. Day 2 sometimes brings some. Especially if I am about to workout again. I am not sure if I want to go all in and do the jammer thing again or just do blocking this time. Not sure if I can ever fully pull away from jamming. It's hard to get the mindset out of it. Heck I have a tendency in Wal-Mart to jam in and out of the people in my way.

So here we go again!


Friday, January 04, 2013

Taking it on!

You know that ever so popular crafty post making its rounds on Facebook for 5 special people. Well, I finally posted one and agreed to do it. Now my creative juices are flowing and I want to go all out.

To be continued...


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Merry New Year

Spent the beginning of the new year with the family and filling out some insurance provider applications. Tomorrow is back to the grind. The family still gets a little longer of a vacation than I.

Bonus: I did manage to lose almost 4 pounds in one week. Good start, I will take it.