Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm so excited!!!

Steven surprised me today with Fleetwood Mac tickets for May in Tulsa! I was in a pretty down mood because Heston is teething his molars and not sleeping well (therefore neither am I). Kieran also was home today sick. He is going to Oklahoma tonight to help his dad tomorrow. So no rest in sight for me. So he told me he could cheer me up but that it would be my Valentine's Day gift. I told him there was not much that would improve my mood. He told me that if this didn't nothing would. I said "I don't doubt your sincerity but I doubt your gauge!" I was wrong he got me tickets and set up a babysitter already (it's on a Wednesday night). My mood obviously improved and I have been smiling since. This has been #1 on my bucket list forever (getting married and kids were checked off a long time ago).

Now if only I can go skydiving this year I will be set!!!!


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