Sunday, July 29, 2007

The wedding

Yes we are back to Fayettenam from Okienawaa. My sister's wedding was beautiful. Everything went off without a hitch. My one concern was we were hurrying our butt off trying to get everything done before it started as there was a meeting at the church before hand. My poor Mom was running around like crazy. Kelsey however was nice and calm and acted like nothing phased her. She was the complete opposite of a Bridezilla. Someone would ask her how she would want something and she would always reply with an, "I don't care". I guess that made me have to be the mean one at times. (well you know not too mean). But just making sure everything went off smoothly. She looked absolutely beautiful. Of course I have to say it did help that she wore my wedding dress and did her hair exactly like mine was when I got married... COPYCAT!! Just kidding, I thought she looked gorgeous. And I am glad my dress got some use once again. Plus it saved her from spending $500 or so. Wasn't so sure about the "orange" theme, but let me say it was a perfect summer color, and the flowers were beautiful. Oh, and the weather matched with it's nice hot and humid Okienawaa affect. I wouldn't even step outside until the wedding was over as I would melt. It was good to see lots of people I haven't see in a long time, including my grandparents. I almost cried when I saw them. All in all it was a beautiful event and Kelsey glowed and smiled the whole time. The weekend was nice and I even got to see my bestest bud Charlette, even though we dropped in unexpectedly. She was gracious enough to allow us in. Anyways, here are some of the pics from the wedding, enjoy.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ah yeah...

So I have been fighting a raunchy stomach bug since Tuesday night after I got home from practice and making signs at Pork's house. At first I thought it was gas from eating the greasy pizza. I should have known better though as I never have had those awful cramps except when I am preggers.  So I drank Mylanta thinking it would help, well it probably made it worse before I finally realized maybe this is a bug.  By then I was so weak, the thought of even walking into another room was a feat more than I could take. So I called into work, hate doing that! Plus I need the hours. But, I had no choice, I had to drag myself to class later that day as it is a summer course and missing is taboo, because they aren't very long at all. Plus I already have to miss have of my next class on Monday for an Internet Safety thing at our church (More info. coming for that as it is open to the public). Anyways I literally dragged myself there, pale and weak. So anyways after I made it home, I was in bed before 10. It was nice, for a change to be able to fall asleep without sitting there forever. So I woke up at 5:45, unable to fall back asleep, then Ryker awoke at 6:15. So I thought since I was feeling a wee bit better I would take advantage of the day. Well we did our breakfast thing and waited for Gage to wake up so we could go do some shopping. Well Ryker ended up falling back asleep and so did I.  We still got up and around and went and ate lunch at Logan's, just me and the boys. Of course I was not able to eat much as I am a still bit on the yuck side. So we headed to Hobby Lobby where Steven met us. Then to Wal-Mart trying to get any needed items before we leave town tomorrow. It was nice to get out for a bit.

Steven was a dear and made a appointment for a stone massage at the Pink Papaya today and prepaid and everything. So I just got back from that and can I just say, if you have not tried one of those, they are awesome. Especially if you have really sore tired muscles like I do. Of course I had to make her aware of all the bruises all over my body, but she still managed to make it awesome. This is the first massage I have had in 10 months and 8 days. Why the exact amount? That is when I went and had that prenatal massage where I told her that I was ready to go and she so nicely rubbed those magic pressure points that sent me into labor 12 hours later and I swear is what made it last an hour and a half, pushing and everything. I have been a big believer of massages since. 

So we shall see how my muscles react to being treated nicely for a change. I am sure my body is pretty pissed for all the damage it incurs week after week. I finally broke down and told myself to get some new derby pads as the ones I am using have worn out their welcome. Their latest damage is shown below...

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Yes those are in different stages of healing. I keep reinjuring them again.

Anyways, tomorrow we leave for Oklahoma to my sisters wedding. Hoping I am completely better before the drive. For those that are around the NWA area, if you have nothing to do this Saturday, be sure and head on down to the Shelter Skelter bout for some nice derby action. Would be my first official game, but alas I have to miss it.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


To Steven, the newest high school Chemistry teacher for Bentonville High. We received news this morning. Steven has applied to almost all Math and Science positions here in NWA. But he got the one he wanted. Chemistry is his niche' and they pay one of the highest in the State. Not super excited about the drive, after all half of NWA commutes back anf forth from there. But alas everything else about it seems perfect for him.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Catching up...

From today...

Well to me it was big. Our a/c went out Saturday night. And of course Murphy's Law would have it to where it is the hottest it has been and on the weekend when no one works. Well as bad as yesterday was, today it got up past 90 in the house. And last night it was past 85. I had one hour of sleep. Well, the news we heard this morning said the service guy would be out at 5, but the down side is whatever was wrong would need a part which would have to be ordered and take a day or two. I was fumming. I was going to take the kiddos and stay in a hotel. Well while I was in class and just had selfishly asked for prayer requests for AIR, I received news that it was a problem with the unit sensor, and there was a chance they could get the part today. Well I came home to a much cooler house. That made my day... week I mean.

Well nothing is perfect of course as we went out to eat and Kieran threw a horrendous fit, which required me to stay in the LaHuerta bathroom with her half the time. I guess I should realize we are both exhausted, her room of course was the hottest in the house last night, so she probably slept horrible. So she is going to bed right now. But again, it was awesome to come home to cool air. It's like when you are sick, you realize you take being healthy for granted, well when something like your air goes out or the electricity goes off, you realize just how well we as Americans have it. We are spoiled. Somewhat humbling if you ask me. Maybe a stinch in the African drylands would suffice as bringing us back down to where we should be. Something to think about I suppose... in my super tired but thankful state.

From July 10th

I am officially a Twisted Sister. Was drafted last night. Can't wait to get my jersey and start buying up everything Blue. And wouldn't you know first game is on the 28th which is my sisters wedding day. So looks like I won't be making it to that. Bummer. That's ok, my true optimistic self sees this as plenty of extra practice time to get better. Sooo, anyways there is my news.

I would also like to Congratulate Rodney and Jennifer on the birth of their first baby, little Lily. I hope I spelled that right? If not just let me know. 6 pounds and 4 ounces I believe. Hope Mommy recovers quickly from her C-Section. Congrats again and can't wait to meet her.

From July 6th....

Well little Ryker has been through the ringer the past few days. I guess that is why babies are supposed to teeth early. Seems like he has been teething forever. He even had a tooth break through at 4 months and then disappeared. Well it popped back out 3 days ago, and he has been miserable. Not sleeping (which means little for us), snotting, fever, just plain ol' miserable. We finally took him to the Dr. today as we knew something wasn't right. They checked his ears and such and they were clear. 9 months and still no ear infections, Dr. guessed right when he said he must not go to daycare. But he did say he has a upper respiratory infection and prescribed some antibiotics. All from teething, it's crazy. He is finally letting go of us for a few minutes, giving me a chance to catch up on here. He was literally making us hold him the whole time and most of the time not even let us sit down. His gate has been so unsteady you just knew he was miserable, but he was walking normal tonight. Wish he could have felt better yesterday for the rollergirl picnic. He normally loves being outside and playing in the grass, but nope not yesterday. He did however play in the slip in slide for about 10 minutes, he does love the water. He slept through most of our fireworks but when the loud ones started he had enough and we went back in. Hard to believe last year I was pregnant with him. Anyways, a prayer for him would be appreciated, he has been through the ringer.

Well on other news I decided on a derby name. Thanks to Tyra and Pork Pie! Blazen won the most votes, so I was going to go with that when they mentioned Blazen Glory. I laughed thinking for sure that would be taken, but I looked and what do you know, not one even close. Woo hoo. So that is what it will be. Not official yet as it has to be submitted and what not, but at least it is my jumping off one. So if you hate it, keep it to yourself, lol. I love it. Now to figure out a number.