Friday, March 30, 2007

My celebrity boob twin

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Scharlett Johansson

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prayer request please

For those of you who pray please remember my friend Becky. She was in a car accident last Friday. Her neck was broke and she is paralyzed from the chest down. She is in ICU at Washington Regional. The Doctors think she will regain the use of her arms but they do not believe she will walk. I believe Becky will proove them wrong. Please also remember her family including her son who is a friend of Gage.

Please pass this on. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Back from Vacation

Well, we got back yesterday. The house never smelled so good. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, ours was anything but. It started out nice. Spent some time with our friends, Brandy and Josh at Brandon's new spot on the lake right near my parent's home. Then spent some nice time with my parents eating ribs. Sunday we went to church, then to Pete's Place with my sister.  We then went and played around with the camera and I took some of her Senior pictures to see if any turned out before she had to spend $500 or more on them. I took a bunch and was pleased how they turned out. Monday is when things went South. We were supposed to go see my grandparents in Davis, but that morning my Dad called and said my grandma was placed back in the hospital and my grandpa needed rest because he didn't get any sleep the night before because he was trying to help her throughout the night. I went ahead and slept in since I never get real good sleep at night because of Ryker.  I woke up and Steven said Kieran had been throwing up a bunch. Yay. So while she was sleeping on the couch we took Gage to my parents to stay the night. (We were staying at Steve's parents because they have more room, and plus we were invited). On our way to my mom's Gage got sick and we had to stop and let him puke. Yay. I guess his didn't last long because he went to the park with Kelsey later on. The rest of the day was fine amd Kieran started feeling better that night.

        The next morning was a bad morning. I was awaken very abruptly by Steven. Apparently his mom made a very rude remark about me sleeping (keep in mind it was only 10 a.m. and I get no sleep at night). The comments were said to Steven, which pissed him off, then we he told me, I flipped! I won't go into specifics what was said as it pisses me off every time I think about it. So anyways, we were mad enough we packed up and left. I pretty much told Steven I won't be going back there ever and she is not welcome in our home. I know drastic, but this comment was bad and was out of nowhere and uncalled for. I used to have a great relationship with her until she said this. Needless to say I was upset most of the day. We upped our reservations in Tulsa and went there a day earlier than planned. We went to the Zoo on Wednesday, had a pretty good time. Gage and Kieran fought over who could ride in the stroller which was meant for Ryker. The place was packed and waiting in line for food was horrendous but it could have been worse. After the Zoo we went swimming and relaxed most of evening. Although it was very hard to relax in a hotel with the kids as they were very loud and obnoxious.

        The next morning Steven woke up with the stomach flu, but pushed through it so we could go to the aquarium. It was even more packed than the zoo. I was annoyed most of the time. Kieran of course had to throw a fit in the middle of it all because she wasn't able to see something. We almost left but I just took her out and sat for awhile until she could calm down. The rest of the time went ok. Gage liked the aquarium better than the Zoo. The rest of the day was not so good as Steven was sick and unable to do much. Friday morning we got up and dressed and went to the mall for one more last thing before we headed home. We got home and finally I got to relax a little bit, but not to long as I got sick around 12:30 last night and have been blah all day. Luckily mine isn't as bad as Steven's was. But I haven't done much but sit all day long feeling like I need to yak! But I did get a chance to download all 200 pics I took. Most are in a slideshow now, down below. I also added one from Gage's soccer game. Plus Kelsey's Senior pics are in one as well.

        I forgot to add, we did get some awesome news on our trip, my sister Kelsey is getting married sometime soon after she graduates this year, to her boyfriend of 4 years, Shiloh. I get to be a Maid of Honor for once, lol. So looks like I need to get ready for that.

        Anyways, that was our trip. I am tired and ready to get back into our routine. Although I get to add another to do this week as I start another internship at Vista.




Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am freaking out right now!!

Almost hysterical. I just heard on the news one of the foster parent homes I had kids at when I worked at DHS, the man is in custody for sexually abusing the boys in his home and videotaping it. This man is a single business man and from the first time I heard of him I had a bad feeling. I feel so awful. I only had one kid there a 15 year old and it was only for a few weeks before he was sent to bootcamp. But they said it may be over 30 kids. He only was allowed to keep boys and from when I was there it was ages 12 and up. And the news on TV said that there were calls made to DHS months ago and the boys were removed from the home, and then others were later placed back in. WTF!! This is the placement units fault, these are the same assholes that caused me to quit because of their non-caring for the kids. I am furious!!! I want to go beat someone. And then I am mad at myself. I had this gut feeling, but what could I do, say "hey, does anyone else think it odd that this middle aged business man is not married nor even has a girlfriend and keeps teenage boys. I guess that is considered stereotyping, but my feeling was right on!!!! And not only does this make the placement unit look bad, but our good social workers including me. You know they are going to be checking the computer entries to make sure the kids were seen on schedule. I am so glad I don't work there anymore, no telling how many more kids I would of had there. But I feel so bad for all of them that were in that home. Gosh I need a drink, and I am not even a drinker!!!! Maybe some valium or something. 18

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Tonight in class we watched a short video by Rob Bell. Very few videos I have seen have sparked a reaction remotely similar to what I had when I saw this. And yet most of what I felt is not communicative through words. As I returned home I searched for it on here hoping it was already on a MySpace video. Well it was but only about 90% because of copyright infringement. I am curious to hear what others think about this. Even if you are not spiritual or consider yourself agnostic or athiest I think this video still will make you think. So anyways here it is.

=-=Nooma - Breathe=-=

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Homeschooling and tantrums, inc.

Well I have had several people ask me how the homeschooling has been going with Gage. I am pleased to report it is going very well. I was so surprised how little time it actually takes. While I was told by severl it only takes a couple of hours I thought surely with Gage it would be more. But no, he flies through his work. I realized the first day I was going to have to give him more. I also realized that he is way above level on Math skills, maybe even 2nd or 3rd grade. His typical day starts with breakfast, then worksheets of all subjects, then art or music, then break, then gym time which is basically him riding his bike in the garage. Then by then he is ready for lunch. On the first 2 Fridays of the month we will go to a Homeschool Co-op which is held at our church. So far he loves every bit of it. And guess what, I haven't had much behavioral problems with him at all. Makes me feel good about the decision to do this.

I got some good news yesterday. I received our official incorporation certificate, so our non-profit is officially a corporation now. Next step is filing the big form for tax exempt status. Here is a nice snapshot of our certificate.

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For a little humor I will add some videos of Kieran throwing her daily tantrum when she gets home from Pre-K. It's her way of venting. Afterwards she is fine. Don't mind the messy house. Like I have time to clean...Ha!