Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In a Funk...

Well, my classes have been done for a week. Graduation is looming near and I am unable to see clients until I go before the Board of Examiners probably in July, since I am no longer covered by the school. While I certainly have enough on my plate to keep me occupied in the home, with kids, studying for the MFT exam, contacting and getting everything finalized for 10 year high school reunion, I still have this need to get out and do something. It hit me bad yesterday, I just needed to get out, so I took the kids shopping. I keep going over in my head about possible things I can do. I can always get a job, although few are going to hire someone temporary. I even thought about doing a social experiment and try working at a fast food restaurant. Of course there are summer camp jobs, which would be great and all, but they don't start until June, still leaving May to fester. The end of that month however will probably involve moving anyways. Thank goodness I still have derby which gets me out twice a week. I would probably be going insane if it wasn't for that. I plan on taking Ryker and Kieran to the park a lot, but even that will grow old after awhile.

I notice that once I start even getting a hint of "same ol' syndrome" I start thinking of ways to spice things up. I have even been looking at various hairstyles for that physical change. Not sure how drastic I want to go though. I am sure I will think of something. It's when I am in this funk that I am my most creative.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hoping this is the one!!

So as some may know, our lease is up next month. Rather than renew it for a third year we decided to try to move closer to Bentonville due to Steven's teaching job and Gage's school, plus the possibility of me working there as well. So in between studying for licensure exams and everything else I have been looking for houses. Searching online is one thing, but dang the actual going and dealing with people is another.

The first house was in Springdale, nice enough, big enough... except for the yard, but the neighborhood was older. I was the only one to see it in person. I sat it up with the eager owners to have the rest of my broad to look at it. Emailed and everything, and they would meet us there. They did not show, nor ever reply why as to not. That was enough non-professionalism for me.

House #2, ironically one block away from house #1. Better neighborhood, nicer house only 3 bedroom, cheaper than house #1. Owners were asian so there was the language barrier from the beginning. Plus the fact that the lady owner only wanted to deal with me was odd. So they were moving to Boston first of May, looking for lease to purchase. Great, we had been interested in that. Only she wanted bank approval now. Weird, since we are talking year down the road purchase. Anyways, after us dealing with her calling all the time and being very pushy we finally pulled out the day we were supposed to sign the lease papers. Ironically Steven and I both had reservations but weren't communicating them with each other until then. Oh and we were even going to purchase their furniture. So in short, pushiness... pushed us away. We weren't feeling it.

So we are hoping the third time is the charm. I found a place online... in Bentonville. Seems ok, from what I seen online, but wanted Steven after work to have a look see. So he does. The agency even let him just have the key for a day or so. So we drive out there with the gang and it is perfect. 4 bedroom over 2200 sq. ft. perfect layout, big backyard, beautiful kitchen... everything on my list. And what's nicer is it is what we are paying now. Kinda makes me sick thinking about that considering there is like 10 years difference in age there plus ours is smaller. So no reservations from me, I want it! So baring if we get it sooner than someone else or they like us, hopefully it is ours.

Wish us luck. If we do happen to get it, I promise pics as soon as we get the keys next month.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Where the sun doesn't shine (TMI)

So last nights practice was especially hardcore. I loved it. Got a bruised nose, arm, and uh... well, let's just say my best bruise yet in the nether regions. Because I am all about visual pictures, here is one for you... since I ain't about to show anyone the real thing. On one particular group fall one of my skate wheels hit my pubis bone... yeah down there. I got up wanting to rub it out like all my other boo boo's but unfortunately this one being down there I couldn't go around rubbing my groin area. I knew I bruised the bone, no doubt about it. But upon waking this morning I noticed that I was unable to sit comfortably on my right side of my area. It just didn't feel right, so after further inspection (how's that for a visual) I realized I am swollen and completely black on my right side. My best bruise yet!! But sorry no photos, lol.

For more of a visual of the area, I will post a nice diagram...

I believe I was either hurt in my ischium or my pubis bone. And yes that whole area underneath is bruised. Guess I should have done an ice pack! Wouldn't that have looked lovely.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A little smack down never hurt anyone

Last night was a very successful start of our home bout season. Lots of people in attendance, beer went out quickly, and both NWARG teams were victorious. It was quite evident that the Capital City Crushers in which the Betties were playing were all about "hitting". Even more evident they particularly liked to show me their mad skills. With my ever luminous grace I took each knock down and got right back up, even when several would fall on me. After awhile I was struggling with a severe headache that scared me a bit. Intense pain shot across my forehead, which felt much like a hot metal bar pushing against it. The flashes from cameras were making their own way into my head even after the eyes decided to stay shut. My derby wife offered me some gatorade and I finally put away my protein waters. No more will I use them, it wasn't 10 minutes after drinking gatorade I started to feel normal again. After sitting out a few jams I was ready to get back in, thought I felt more like myself. But I still got tossed around like a rag doll. Even managed to almost complete a backward somersault after someone named Boom Boom threw my butt. Video is below. look to the left of the screen about 45 seconds or so in. It's fun stuff. I still am not sure what the vendetta against me was, but it was evident during the last jam of the game I was lined up to jam and the coach pulled one of the blockers from the pack and wasn't exactly quiet about telling her to hit me... which she did on my back right off the line. Be more subtle next time coach. The rest of night was just as exciting with the Killbillies kicking some BERG butt.

Not exactly sure on ending scores, I am bad at that stuff I guess, Ours was like 61ish something to like 54ish. Killbillies was 117ish to 80ish. I like ish's.

next home bout will be on the 26th of April.


And as promised one of my jams with my famous backwards roll. I swear there was a split second there I thought my neck was going to break. And some more hits as well.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Whole update

Forgive me if this doubles from previous post, I just copied it from my Myspace blog.

Gosh, I don’t even know where to start, it’s been awhile and I have needed to update but have not had a moment of time to do it. I guess all my studying the past month was not in vain as I passed my National Counselor’s Exam yesterday. I also had my first ever test shock upon seeing the first question, and by question 10 I wanted to run and scream. I just kept shaking my head saying, I paid the money I might as well just finish it. After I walked out of there and went up to the lady who was to give me my results, I know I had to have had that just kill me now look. She asked me how I did, and I told her not too well. She of course played with my emotions and gave me this bad look when she looked at my paper, like she was going to tell me the worst news ever. I of course hugged her after it was all said and done. Now I have to start studying for my MFT (marriage and family therapy) exam in May. It has an even lower pass rate, but I had to have at least this last one or I wouldn’t have had much getting a job here in Arkansas as that was the particular one for counselors in this state. And oral boards should either be in June or July.

I never even got a chance to talk about my experience last weekend at the Erotic art show. Boy was that interesting. Lena needed some models/walking canvas’s for her almost naked sexual art. I had no idea what kind of show it was, just thought the less I knew the better. Always up for something different and interesting anyways. Luckily I wasn’t the only one to do it. Angel also braved the cold room and got all painted up with me. It was fun, and I know I had to have been interesting to look at to say the least as 2 of my fellow rollergirls, Bloody and Apache didn’t even recognize me. I will post some pics when Apache sends me some... maybe if I am brave enough. To give you an idea, I was a mix of a this with more colors and not quite all over but not far from it either. Then butterflies put in hair and stuck on me everywhere, and this wild makeup with awesome tranny eyelashes to complete it. It will definitily be something neat to show the grandkids.

Today we spent most of the day driving around looking at houses for our big move in May. Might have found one in Springdale. We are attempting to find a lease to own home. And this one would be perfect. Only 3 bedroom but much larger and nicer than what we currently have. I really hate moving, but also ready to move on from here. Especially considering the oven decided to almost catch fire tonight along with the dozen other things that annoy me. Plus we are trying to get closer to Bentonville. Even if it is slightly.

Before I go, I just wanted to remind everyone that our first home bout is next Saturday, here is our nice little commercial Sin put together. So I hope to see you all out there.

And finally... a big reminder that April is child abuse awareness month...


I passed!!!!

My National Counselor's Exam yesterday!!! Had my first official case of test shock after seeing the first question, after the first 10 I wanted to run screaming. It was nothing like I had planned. I just new I failed it. I hugged the testing lady after she gave me my results. Now to start studying for the MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) exam for next month. It has an even lower pass rate... yay. But I needed to pass this last one because of Arkansas licensing requirements. So now I can rest easy with it out of the way.

I will hopefully post another blog later about other stuff. Just really been busy.