Monday, April 21, 2008

Where the sun doesn't shine (TMI)

So last nights practice was especially hardcore. I loved it. Got a bruised nose, arm, and uh... well, let's just say my best bruise yet in the nether regions. Because I am all about visual pictures, here is one for you... since I ain't about to show anyone the real thing. On one particular group fall one of my skate wheels hit my pubis bone... yeah down there. I got up wanting to rub it out like all my other boo boo's but unfortunately this one being down there I couldn't go around rubbing my groin area. I knew I bruised the bone, no doubt about it. But upon waking this morning I noticed that I was unable to sit comfortably on my right side of my area. It just didn't feel right, so after further inspection (how's that for a visual) I realized I am swollen and completely black on my right side. My best bruise yet!! But sorry no photos, lol.

For more of a visual of the area, I will post a nice diagram...

I believe I was either hurt in my ischium or my pubis bone. And yes that whole area underneath is bruised. Guess I should have done an ice pack! Wouldn't that have looked lovely.

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Melissa said...

Ouch! Hope it heals quickly!