Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In a Funk...

Well, my classes have been done for a week. Graduation is looming near and I am unable to see clients until I go before the Board of Examiners probably in July, since I am no longer covered by the school. While I certainly have enough on my plate to keep me occupied in the home, with kids, studying for the MFT exam, contacting and getting everything finalized for 10 year high school reunion, I still have this need to get out and do something. It hit me bad yesterday, I just needed to get out, so I took the kids shopping. I keep going over in my head about possible things I can do. I can always get a job, although few are going to hire someone temporary. I even thought about doing a social experiment and try working at a fast food restaurant. Of course there are summer camp jobs, which would be great and all, but they don't start until June, still leaving May to fester. The end of that month however will probably involve moving anyways. Thank goodness I still have derby which gets me out twice a week. I would probably be going insane if it wasn't for that. I plan on taking Ryker and Kieran to the park a lot, but even that will grow old after awhile.

I notice that once I start even getting a hint of "same ol' syndrome" I start thinking of ways to spice things up. I have even been looking at various hairstyles for that physical change. Not sure how drastic I want to go though. I am sure I will think of something. It's when I am in this funk that I am my most creative.

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