Sunday, August 20, 2017

Heston and Ryker's first day of school

They started on Monday. I am late to the game of putting this on here. Heston started Kindergarten and Ryker started 5th grade.

Ridlee has been going to her 3 year old class since May. Here are some at home shots of her just doing her thing. I also started her on the Gemiini program this past Thursday and she has taken to it really well thus far. 

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Monday, August 14, 2017

18th Anniversary!

18 years of marriage to this man. 20 years together. We are only 36, well me for at least over a week anyways. 

There have been tough times. But lots more good times. Glad to spend the rest of our lives together. 

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

August is here...

And that means a very busy household. I dread it honestly. No, I abhor it. The stress of it. It's my birthday and Anniversary month and I am too stressed with everything else I can't even take notice of them. Five kiddos in four different schools. Different start days for each too. I have work/2 different office meetings and Booster club meetings, therapy appointments for Ridlee, etc. My calendar looks like a war plan. I am even dumb enough to try and run some races this month. Honestly those are things that are supposed to keep me sane. 
So here we go...
Hair cuts for the boys, including Heston's first ever real one. She was awesome and he sat still for her, Both a win.

Tontitown Grape run. 

My first 2nd place for this race. Almost a PR but on a tad bit long course.

Gage and Kieran ran it too.

Ridlee has been playing dress up a lot.

Gage and Kieran started their school this past Thursday. Ryker and Heston start Monday. Ridlee has been going part time all summer. She loves it.

Gage and Kieran got to go to the Faith and Family night at the Arvest Ballpark with their youth group last night. Gage also started his first real job today at Farmland Adventures. He went to work after running an 11 miler that morning. 

Finished today off with a early Anniversary date with the man. It will be 18 years on Monday. We went and saw Atomic Blonde and ate at Red Lobster. Today was a win, even in the midst of hurricane August.

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How did I totally miss July?!?

I knew I was a bit behind but a whole month past? Good grief. 

So quick catch up... there was the 4th.

Starting with a 4 on the 4th run for me and Gage. 
Followed by family fireworks and fireworks at the ballpark. 

Gage got 1st in his age division.

The littles got to soak up summer at Imagine playplace.

Gran camp came individually for the older 4. Here is Heston catching some fish with Papaw.

I took the other 4 on a 4 mile walk when Heston was at his grancamp.

Ridlee got strep.

Did some trail running.

Heston talked his daddy into taking him to the park.

And I got a chance to organize my miniatures at work.

And even went rose gold for a while.

Sisters played...

And then the first hint that summer was close to over...

That wasn't even all of the school supplies we needed for the older four.

And then August happened...

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