Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Zoo trip!

This was Ridlee's first time at the zoo. It's been that long since we have been there. 

Ridlee trying to pet the "kitty".

Wearing my hat!

Hopefully the closest she will ever be to a venomous snake!

Heston running away from the animals in the petting zoo.

I give up trying to get them to all look at the camera.

Ridlee really liked the otters.

Trying not to be scared of the piranhas.

Making contact.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Winter flu's and running fun

This winter has been someone mild. Well not somewhat but a lot. I have been taking advantage of the warmer weather and I have been taking super long runs on Wednesday's. This week I have worked up to over 16 miles. Today was my first race of the season. I signed up for a Valentine's 4k with Gage. He happened to just be diagnosed with the flu A and a wisdom tooth infection last night and still managed to race today. We both got 2nd in our division. My legs were still super tired from the long run. 

My medal and carnation that I got.

Speaking of flu's... our family of 7 has managed to all get sick with them and both strains have been in the house. Even Steven, who got the shot got sick. As far as flu's go, they weren't as bad as some I have had in the past. It would be nice to get everyone healthy again though. Mild or not, flu's are no joke. 

Gage ran in an indoor State Track meet last week and his 4x800 relay team got 4th place. They ran a great race despite it being the first time they have run together in a relay. He will be starting outdoor track soon. 

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gage Homecoming 2017

Gage was chosen to represent his class again this year for Homecoming,

With his XC buddy.

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