Saturday, July 28, 2012

Owl #2

I think I like this one better than the first. Oh well, they are both going in the office. Grand opening in this Thursday. Unfortunately I won't have long to put stuff up before then. Can't even bring the couch until next week. Oh well.

Hard to believe August is around the corner.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My cyclops journey...

Last week I finally went in for my first eye appointment in over 14 years. I have always known I had one bad eye. It was diagnosed at 12, much too late for any real therapy to do any difference, although they gave me the patch as well as some glasses that made my one eye look huge. I of course got made fun of and stupidly stopped wearing the glasses. Years later when doing all my testing to get into the NAVY they sent me all the way across town in Oklahoma City to have it looked at. They made such a big deal about it I swore they didn't want me in. But alas I still got in. Amusingly enough when in bootcamp I tricked my way through the eye test to prevent from having to get the "birth control" glasses. I stood in front of a petty officer with that spoon thing in hand and he had me read the whole chart and then told me to switch eyes and do it again. His mistake was that he had his head down, so instead of switching eyes, I did a double switch. Basically I tested my right eye twice, which is perfect. I was one of 8 out of 88 girls in my unit that didn't have to get the "birth control" glasses. I was pretty pleased with myself. Now 14 years later I finally agreed to go back to the Doctor to have my eye health tested. Steven swears up and down everyone still needs to do that. So lo and behold I go and get it tested and nothing surprising my right eye is nearly perfect and polished and left eye is bad, but not near as bad as I thought it was. He says at the end of this year with correction that eye could be 20/40. I'll take that. So they prescribed me ONE contact. It is alright but I swear it is messing with my good eye. I did a painting last night and by the end of it, neither of my eyes could focus at all. Hopefully my eyes get used to it. I need to get some glasses on days I don't feel the need to wear the contact. My two oldest boys also had an appt. on the same day and now Ryker is getting glasses. His is not so bad, mostly needed for reading. Gage's are bad and have always been so. Kieran's is a little worse that Ryker's. Steven is blessed with good vision. How is it all of the older kids then have glasses? Thank goodness for decent eye insurance for the family.

On a side note, 2 weeks from today is our open house for the Cardinal Care Center. I am freaking. The walls are being painted this week and the floors are to be done next week. I still need a desk. I have been looking for a small wooden one, but I can't find one that suits me. I also need decoration stuff. I started painting some canvas' that match some fabric I got to make some pillows for the couch. Here is the first one.

I really need to decompress. It all seems to be happening super fast. I was really hoping I would be done with my Vista stuff by then, but right now I will still have to do all three for another month. My head is spinning. I keep repeating to myself that "I can do it, it's going to happen regardless if I am ready or not". Sigh...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

More changes...

One of my goals after moving my private practice to Farmington was to eventually wean off my school based job. Three jobs is a lot on anyone. Fate has decided to speed things up a little. This past week I got more than triple my referrals from my contract job. More than I could fathom honestly and my head started spinning. Excitement mixed fear about how I was going to find the time to squeeze all those in was overwhelming. I finally realized that now was the time to turn in my notice to Vista. Granted it's a generous notice. I gave until August 22nd. My goal is to help transition all my clients to the new therapist coming in, if my supervisors hire someone soon. I will just be overly swamped until then. August is also when we open up the Care Center to the public. I haven't really had time to decompress this week. By all means I like a challenge but sometimes they are still scary. Prayers are needed and appreciated for this adjustment. 

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Moving along...

Our building is being built. My office is picked. I have many of my play room toys including a huge donated dollhouse and large train/lego table. I bought a large comfy couch this week and the kids can't stay off of it. Guess that is a good sign it will work. Pretty sure I have my wall colors picked out. Still need a small desk and chair and some decorative items. I am going crazy on Pinterest with ideas gathering. A lot of fine tuning left to do. I love the two ladies that I am joining with. They are awesome. The name of the business is called Cardinal Care Center, but I will continue to keep my Kitchens Counseling Services under its umbrella.
  Here is our website.