Thursday, July 12, 2012

More changes...

One of my goals after moving my private practice to Farmington was to eventually wean off my school based job. Three jobs is a lot on anyone. Fate has decided to speed things up a little. This past week I got more than triple my referrals from my contract job. More than I could fathom honestly and my head started spinning. Excitement mixed fear about how I was going to find the time to squeeze all those in was overwhelming. I finally realized that now was the time to turn in my notice to Vista. Granted it's a generous notice. I gave until August 22nd. My goal is to help transition all my clients to the new therapist coming in, if my supervisors hire someone soon. I will just be overly swamped until then. August is also when we open up the Care Center to the public. I haven't really had time to decompress this week. By all means I like a challenge but sometimes they are still scary. Prayers are needed and appreciated for this adjustment. 

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