Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's been awhile!

Unfortunately, I do realize I am not the bext at keeping these things up, oh well! That just means a lot to update on. Well I just finished my first semester of grad. school. It went pretty good. I've enjoyed it. I start summer classes in 2 days though. 9 hours in 2 months, I will be sweating a bit. I have also recently started the ball rolling on our new non-profit organization Fight the Blaze, which is to help prevent and edcuate abour childhood sexual abuse. I have managed to build a website and get a great deal of help from friends and family all within the past couple of weeks. We are currently in the process of filing for tax exemption status as well as looking for a Board of Directors. So we are busy busy!

Our new website

Well it is Mother's Day and although it's only 2:30 in the morning I have a feeling it will be a pretty good one. Steven bought me a half dozen pink roses as well as a white blouse and skirt which were both very nice. He has good taste for a guy. I am glad he realizes it doesn't cost a lot to impress me, I think the total he spent was under $30 which is what I would prefer. Plus he has also given me the go to get my boobs fixed soon. Nursing 2 children for 16 months each as well as carrying them both for 9 months each has definately put a damper on the youthful appearance that they once had. Gage and Kieran are growing just fine, turning into some awesome children let me tell you. Very smart and creative and the most beautiful things in the world, they make me very proud.

Things have been going pretty good as of late, been missing out on a lot of sleep but that is ok. My grandpa just had open heart surgery this week, but so far he is doing allright. My mom is planning on staying with us next weekend which should be fun, she is bringing us a new puppy which we are going to name Kizer Sosai. He is a black Cocker Spaniel. He is so cute! We got him a huge dog house and a bunch of toys and knick knacks, he is going to be spoiled, but at least it will give us our baby fix for now, lol. Well I guess I better get to bed, this sleeping pill is kicking in. Hopefully I can start keeping this thing more up to date.