Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crazy week! VBS, trainings, etc.

So I had a training scheduled 6+months back for working towards my play therapy certification. It was a 15 hour training that was to take part in 2 days. With added breaks I was there over 17 hours both Friday and Saturday. And it was over abuse and trauma, so it was just hard overall. I even had a nightmare on Friday night involving one of my kiddos. I won't go into detail, but it was bad. 

 Unfortunately I didn't know the training would fall on the week of VBS. Steven and I both had registration and the nursery. He had it by himself on Friday when I was out for training. On top of all that I still had to work this week. Today was the first of a break I have had in 7 days. And I still have to get my long run in today. Hoping to do 9 miles but there is never a guarantee. 

I still have 3 more of those weekend training's this year. One next month and one in August and one in October. 

Here is some pics from this week.

Gage got to help with leading recreation this year. 

On a side note. Less than one week I will be in the mountains!! So excited!

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Monday, June 08, 2015

Summer begins

With the summer start I didn't get a chance to post much until now. Gage ended up with several art awards this year. He was pretty pleased with himself. 

Still waiting to get Kieran's in the mail since she missed her assembly. Both she and Ryker finished their TREC/GT in good standing. All were honor rolls, Kieran all A's, Gage some B's, and Ryker advanced in his classes (they don't do letter grades at his school). 

The kids are officially out of school, but that's a given. Gage and Kieran actually didn't go the last three days so they could go to church camp in Oklahoma. They got back this past weekend. If you have watched the news you have heard about all of Oklahoma's flooding. Needless to say they didn't do any swimming. They still report a good time. Ryker is now staying with his Granny and Pops for a few days.

 I have taken up running among all the other interval training I have been doing. I got up to 7+ miles this past week and decided I might as well train for a half marathon. I really have no inclination to try for a full. I won't ever say never, but honestly I just can't see myself being that into it. But who knows. It's taking me a different mindset to pace myself. I am a sprinter by nature. I figure I can still train with some sprints here and there. 

Gage won't be officially training with his new school seeing how they are so new that they haven't even set anything up yet. Steven's coworker at his school is the head of track at Bentonville and gave his some training pointers. Steven made up a training schedule for the summer so he will be at top form come season. My half marathon is sometime during his season so I am nervous about missing any of his. 

Not a whole lot is going on outside of typical summer stuff. Steven is staying busy with the kids when I work and then doing lots around the house when I am home. We are STILL trying to potty train Heston and he is giving us a run for our money. Bible School is next week and we are heading up the nursery and registration again. One of my Play Therapy weekend training's begins the end of that week. Then our vacation to Colorado will be soon after. June is just crazy! July is a little better and calmer. I am hoping to get some down time there. 

We had a few days recently where we had a baby robin learning to fly in our yard. Before I realized it wasn't hurt I did pick it up and feed it a worm. I later read I didn't need to do that, but no harm happened. It's mother still came around it and helped it out for days until it could fly off. Here it is. 

Heston is enjoying his mini pool. Kieran seems to like it as well as she goes out with him every time. 

I am sure in the coming weeks there will be plenty of updates. Or at least one big one. 

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