Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crazy week! VBS, trainings, etc.

So I had a training scheduled 6+months back for working towards my play therapy certification. It was a 15 hour training that was to take part in 2 days. With added breaks I was there over 17 hours both Friday and Saturday. And it was over abuse and trauma, so it was just hard overall. I even had a nightmare on Friday night involving one of my kiddos. I won't go into detail, but it was bad. 

 Unfortunately I didn't know the training would fall on the week of VBS. Steven and I both had registration and the nursery. He had it by himself on Friday when I was out for training. On top of all that I still had to work this week. Today was the first of a break I have had in 7 days. And I still have to get my long run in today. Hoping to do 9 miles but there is never a guarantee. 

I still have 3 more of those weekend training's this year. One next month and one in August and one in October. 

Here is some pics from this week.

Gage got to help with leading recreation this year. 

On a side note. Less than one week I will be in the mountains!! So excited!

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