Friday, July 24, 2009

August is right around the corner

Well, it was supposed to be a very busy month. Some changes have taken place. I will not be taking my vacation to Colorado. I had planned on going in about a week to visit my family plus we had a bout planned on the 8th in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, many of the team cannot make it and we did not have enough to make a full roster. Very sad, I was looking forward to visiting with my aunt and cousins. BTW, Mom, I told her that I would get with you to see about planning another trip including you. So anyways, I will now have to postpone my vacation until the holidays.

We do have 1 more home bout this season that is on the 15th. I should be playing in that one as well, so if you have been wanting to catch a game here is your chance. The 14th Steven and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. And a week later on the 23rd I will officially turn 29. I see many counting in their heads all of the sudden. August is also when school starts, meaning Kieran starts Kindergarten and no more stay at home Daddy for Steven. Steven and I will also be starting the Faith Weavers Children Ministry on Wednesdays. (If you have a child from ages 4 yrs.-5th grade let me know and I will get you some more information.)

And after all this is over, I will need to start planning the boys birthday parties for September. Both are a week a part. Gage's happens to fall of the Regional Tournament. I will not be going, end of story.