Friday, August 31, 2007

Trip to the ER

Had to take Kieran in to the ER today. When I got up she had been in her bathroom, which I heard from down stairs. I asked her what she was doing up there... "nothing". So yeah that means she was doing something. Otherwise it would have been, going to the bathroom. I went up there and she had gotten into her tylenol. I called Steven freaking out asking how full it was. He said it was a third full, well it was almost empty. So 30 minutes later we were in the ER having her drink some charcoal. She drank a few drinks and said it was good then a few minutes later decided no more. I had to pay her a quarter for each drink to get her to drink some more. Still only drank about half, but luckily the Dr. said that was probably enough. He said luckily the amount she drank was probably not toxic, but had she of drank a half a bottle it would have been. So anyways, she is fine and I have had my adrenaline rush for the day. All is well... for now. She and Gage are currently getting spankings for antagonizing each other.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hodgepodge update

I know it's been awhile since I have made a blog. A lot going on and when I think I need to update it, I am usually too tired. I have even wrote several out in my head while trying to fall asleep. So forgive me if this turns out to be a jumbled mess.

School had started once again for myself (no big news there), but more importantly it also started for Steven teaching high school. I have never seen him so worn out. I guess having over 150 students will do that. I don't envy him, but he does seem to enjoy it. Gage also started 1st grade. I had so many reservations starting him in public school after what happened last year. But so far it seems to be going great. His behavior has been getting top marks, except for one day when he accidently hit a girl with a jump rope, the teacher didn't see it and tried to get him to tell her what happened. The other girl said it was on purpose so she just assumed. She emailed us later saying she probably jumped to conclusions because he was afraid to answer. My son maybe hyper, but he is not mean. Other than that one day every day has been smooth. He likes his teacher and she keeps him busy after he finishes work with "tasks". I think that is a huge help. I am joining the PTO and hopefully I can still be involved, even though it's not quite as much as when I was homeschooling him.

Both Gage's and Ryker birthdays are coming up in September. Gage will be 7 and Ryker will be 1. I swear time flies so fast once you have kids. It's sad at times. I am having thier combined party on the 22nd which is also my last derby bout for this season. Hopefully my family will stay and watch it. Speaking of derby my first bout was awesome. I think the score was like 91 to 39, and yes we were the winners. I am pretty sure everyone had a great time. I know I did. I was also surprised at how calm I was, I was sure I would be a nervous wreck. And another plus is I made it out relatively unharmed, not much more than some tiny bruises. Knock on wood for the next one though.

My birthday was a week ago, had class and worked so not much happened. I got a cookie cake and some cards... that was about it. I keep telling myself one of these days I will actually do something for it, maybe for the big 3-0, in 3 years. We shall see. If it is left up to me, it probably won't happen, that almost seems too selfish to me, but who cares right!?! Today is also my Dad's birthday, I am pretty sure he is still in the Colorado Mountains in thier timeshare... butthole! I would give a toe to be there right now. If you know me at all, you know I love the mountains.

Anyways, August is almost over, and I am glad, it's always too busy anyways. Looks like tomorrow I will be spending the day at home with Kieran and Ryker. Kieran has no school, which wouldn't matter anyway as she is currently fighting off a fever. She had one last night but it went away with a tylenol-Ibuprofen cocktail. Weird that it was gone today and then came back tonight. I hope it is just a fluke virus thing and nothing comes of it.

Next week I have no school. That is always a big plus for me. I swear if I wasn't so close to graduating I would have to take a semester off. Yeah right, me take a semester off. I remember my Mom telling me when I was pregnant with Gage, "Now just be sure if you take a semester off when you have him that you go back the next, and don't keep putting it off, and then never go back." Well, that has been the only semester I have taken off in school. Even when Ryker was born I went back 2 weeks later. She was right though, if I had taken anymore off, it would have been even harder going back. Just something to think about for those contemplating such a feat.

And on that note, I am off to eat some PB&J.... Later!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

one of those days

Well, technically it started before today. Maybe around 11 last night. Ryker started puking. Then Kieran after she went to bed decided to spew in her bed. It was everywhere. Oh the joys of motherhood. I think I sprayed lysol in every square inch of her room and everywhere I could think she and Ryker touched. Luckily she didn't not spew anymore, however today she broke out in some weird hives. We took her to the Dr. whom diagnosed her with an allergic reaction of some kind. I believe she is allergic to the virus itself. She has not eaten anything at all today. We have offered her all her favorites and nope. You know a child is sick when they refuse ice cream. Ryke woke up puking. And throughout the day had sporadic little episodes. Luckily though he is eating "a little" and no rash. There was a point today that I became so drained that I literally was unable to even get up.

Looks as though tomorrow will be very similar as Kieran is staying home sick. I am hoping for some sleep tonight. I so need it. Tomorrow I get to meet Gage's new teacher and I hope and pray she will not be a repeat of last years. I am giving it a go though, but if it happens again I will have no qualms about taking him out again, although Steven swears that everything will be ok. We shall see.

Anyways, here are some scary pics of Kierans hives. These aren't near as bad as they were when they first appeared. These are from the second episode after the first ones went away... those one were all over her belly and upper legs.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh August

Well, August is here already. Ever since I was little August has been and excting yet busy month. Much of my families birthday falls in August (including mine), and then with school starting, well let's just say there was always some mixed emotions but most have always been good. Now as an adult it comes with the same enthusiasm, but marked with much anxiety. Every year it seems there is something new to add to the month. As I sat down to mark my family calendar for this month with each plan or birthday, I managed to leave a whopping 5 days of this month free, at least for now. So a small breakdown of this month...

2-4 derby practices a week
2-3 days a week of practicum/work
7 days of class
My first derby bout, I thought I would have to wait a month because it was supposed to be a Killbillie game, well I guess we are having a second team which we named the Backwoods Betties, which I get to play on. So yay for that.
My 8th Anniversary on the 14th, also marking 10 years together
My 27th Birthday on the 23rd
Dad's birthday a week later
School starts for me, Gage, and Steven all on the same day, the 20th. Me still in grad school, Gage starting 1st grade in Bentonville and Steven's first day of teaching high school. That day will mark the most stressful for me. While I wanted to continue to homeschool Gage, we of course gave him the option to either go back or stay home. We did reiterate that he would not be going back to the school he went to before, due to the situation we had. So he decided he would try public school. And with Steven being in Bentonville, we basically had a free transfer to any school in that district. Gage's school is just a block from where Steven is teaching. So anyway, that day will be high anxiety for me, plus I will have to drive to Ft. Smith for class... which sucks, but I have no choice. ((Sigh))

Even with next month and the boys birthday's and their parties it will still be a breather compared to this one. None the less, lots of exciting things happening and I am looking forward to most of it. So with that... bring on August!