Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kicking butt

Well I got a nice shock today, I have lost 13 pounds and 12.5 inches since 3 months ago. Pretty good for not dieting at all!! Gotta love breastfeeding, but I can't give all the credit there. I have literally been working my butt off. I have upped my strength training. Nice to see some serious definition in the arms and back. I figured if I am going to have muscular arms (thanks to my dad), I might as well get them cut. Kinda excited to think what I will be after the next 3 months.

On another note, I have a pretty full Monday evening of clients now. Time to start filling in other days. I am going to be talking with a lady from Vista this week in hopes to start getting some hours on Saturdays. Hard to believe this month is already almost over. I knew time would fly after having a baby, but I still need to relish the time I have with Ryker. I can't believe he is 4 months already. We got his pictures back yesterday and I am very pleased with how they turned out. Looks like we will be doing that from now on. That is going to save quite a bit of money.

I had such a lazy day today. Tried so hard to catch up on sleep. Probably could have slept all day long. Glad it was gloomy outside so I wasn't tempted to do anything. Ah but tomorrow is another story, got to go to church, plus schedule out my week. I will definately squeeze a nap in there though.

Friday, January 26, 2007

10 interesting things about me

These are the rules: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with ten weird or interesting things/habits about yourself. Afterwards, you need to choose ten people to be tagged and list their names. Then, go to their profiles and leave comments that say, "You have been tagged" and direct them to check your blog...

10. I have produced more than 205 gallons of breastmilk, to nurse my 3 children. And I am not done yet. That is 36 months of at least 24 ounces a day.

9. I love thunderstorms and sleep better in them.

8. I cringe when my phone rings, unless i am expecting a call. And I hate calling people.

7. I have a huge appetite. I used to win pizza eating contests when I was younger, and I never gained any weight. I can still eat a large amount without gaining weight, unless I am pregnant.

6. I pray all day. Before everything and anything. Before I drive anywhere, before my family goes anywhere, before bed, and just whenever. No one knows when I am doing it.

5. I got a touch of a sixth sense. No i don't see dead people. But i can read people, and i can sense certain things. My mom and her sister have it too. My Aunt Ileta has it a lot.

4. I can paint and draw, but rarely have time to do either anymore.

3. I have struggled with insomnia to some degree or another since i was little. Yet i have to have a certain amount of sleep or i have seizures.

2. I have very vivid dreams, and many where i am flying. It feels so real.

1. I am scared of getting wrinkles and do everything I can to prevent them. (I just told Amy K. this)

Here are my ten people:
Heather C.-because she will feel obligated, lol
Candy-because she uses her blog as much as me
Amy K.-because I said so
Steven K.-because he is my hubby and he needs to
Larisa-because she might
Catriona-because she used her blog too
Amie-she has a blog but it's not on here
Josh H.-because I need some men on here
Jason-because his answers are more likely to crack me up than anything
Nicole-because she might

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pics and Collages!!

I have been photo editing like crazy/ It's my new hobby.

This was taken today. He is 4 months old. I figured I would do his 4 month pics at home this time.

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A Valentine's Day Collage...

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I love this pic, I came in the room and they were just watching TV like this.

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This one is cute...

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Rykers 4 month pics that I took. I am ordering them from Wal-Mart. If they turn out they will cost me about $30 less than what I usually pay.

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Friday, January 19, 2007


Well today is my parents 27th Anniversay, and they are having to celebrate it in McAlester, Ok, where there is no power...and now more is coming this weekend. Well at least it will be one to remember. It's hard to think the last time we had such a storm like this was back in Dec. of 2000. I remember that clearly because that is when Gage was 3 months old, which ironically is the same age as Ryker when this storm hit. Maybe I shouldn't have any more boys, lol.
More bad news on the front, my granny Helen fell for the second time in the last 2 weeks the night before last and broke her arm. The first time she broke a rib. She has been having a real hard time this past year, as she has been having lots of mini strokes. Steven's granny Kitch has been dealing with them as well for the past few years and it has started taking it's affect on her as well. Steven's grandpa Russell was also diagnosed with bladder cancer a couple of weeks ago and was supposed to have surgery this past Wednesday but due to being down in Southeast Oklahoma it had to be postponed because the hospital is only dealing with emergency surgeries right now.
With all this family illness/issues plus the added stress of starting my practicum I have developed a case of anxiety. Luckily it is better today. The past few days though I have felt like I have had a super dose of caffiene. Ryker not sleeping at night is not helping that any. Nonetheless I am staying positive. I went and ate lunch with Steven and Ryker today to get out of the house. It helped that the sun was out. Starting in a week or two I will be adding to my practicum hours by working at Vista on Saturdays. Not sure yet if I will be doing groups of individual or both. Another stress, but in a good way, the more hours I get the less I have to do later.
Well, on another positive note, Ryker is 4 months old today, growing more and more each day. Time of course is flying by, which I knew it would. I have been looking at all our pictures over the past few days and i can't over how fast the kids have grown. Seems Kieran was a baby just yesterday. ((Sigh))
Guess I will quit babbling and go get something sweet to snack on.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Storm

My sister sent me these pics over her cell phone. Everywhere is without power. They happen to have a generator from back in 2000 when that ice storm occured. She said this storm is way worse, and it is still raining there so it might be even worse than this tomorrow. Steven's parents said that there are power poles breaking in half from the weight of the ice.

This one is right out front of their house.

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The backyard, it's woods so you can imagine how many trees there are.

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The side of the hill that they live on. Kelsey, how did you all get back up that?

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On the bottom of the hill where all our sheds are.

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And for comparison, this was taken back in Dec. All those trees are now bent over with ice. My parents house is the blue one on the hill.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kieran's jitterbug recital

Despite the dreary rainy weather we made it out in the early morn to watch Kieran dance at her jitterbugs recital. She did a really good job. She of course was a dancing queen during the first song, but as the songs wore on and she had to change outfits several times she started winding down. I recorded some snipets of the performances below. I apologize in advance how dark they are.

Besides that we are still not in ice, we are just getting rain. Been told we are still waiting on the ice. Sounds like my Oklahoma family and friends are having a more brutal time. My sister said they still have power, but Steven's parents is going on and off all the time, and it is still getting worse.

Oh and Happy 26th Birthday Steven!!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

yada yada yada

I started my practicum this week, saw my first client yesterday. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It feels good when you realize you are happy with your chosen career. I have chosen to just stay with one practicum site this semester. I don't want to get overwhelmed or spend anymore time away from Ryker while he is still young, than I have to. Plus today I only got to see my daughter for less than an hour, Gage was still home for the holidays, but goes back tomorrow. Luckily that should only be Tuesdays that are like that, but it still bothers me. To those who constantly ask how I do it, that is when it gets hard. I keep telling myself, just a little more than a year. I am sure this year will go by fast too, always does when you have a baby, plus doing my practicum will make it that much faster.

I am kinda brain numb right now so if there are misspellings and a sense of rambling that is why. Ryker is sleeping horribly, therefore I am. He has not been going to sleep before 2 a.m. for about a week or so, and now on top of that he is eating all night long. My body is so sore and achy. I just need a good nap.

This is a pretty blah post, but hey, I am killing time before I CAN go to sleep. Ah, something I used to take for granted...going to bed when I wanted to, lol.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Making the most of your closet space

One of the things I loved about moving into this new house was that it had a 4th bedroom which we converted into a Family room/office/toy room/fitness room/guest room/Ryker's room. we use it for everything. It almost makes me wonder how we got along without it before. Well one of the awesome things about it (as well as the rest of the house) is that it has 2 huge closets. One already has my exercise stuff and a bunch of toys, the other we converted into a sewing room yesterday. That's right a sewing room, lol. My mother in law got me a sewing machine for Christmas and Steven got me a desk, which he put together yesterday. Ironically it fits perfect in the closet. So I tried out my sewing machine last night. Being that it has been since high school since I worked one I was a little more than rusty. I had to relearn how to thread it and everything. But I soon caught on again. I practiced by finishing up a matching pillow to the one I hand sewn when we first moved here. What took 2 hours by hand only took about 15 minutes with the machine. Gosh, I waisted so much time there. Well I wasn't ready to finish so I found some extra fabric I had laying around and made a poncho for Kieran. I hope to get good enough to start making my own shirts and stuff. I always have trouble buying shirts that fit me. My boobs are big but when I buy large everything else is huge, plus I have pretty broad shoulders which makes certain tops not look good on me. I kinda got the bug after watching Project Runway. Well anyways here are some pics of my new "office" and my first project and model.

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