Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ryker's dance

Sorry it took so long getting this one up. I blame dad, since he was the one who recorded it and took forever uploading it and getting it sent to me.

He is only in Kindergarten and picked the song and did his own moves for this. I thought he was suppose to sing, so this was a shock to see even this. Pretty good if you ask me.

Post is brought to you by the letter "B" and the number "5"

Sorry I have been MIA in the blogging world. Partly super busy, and partly trying to wait for the right time.

This summer has been it's usual crazy self. Moving took a lot out of us but now that we are in the house we have put a lot on hold. There is still a lot to unpack in the garage. Several walls are still bare on decor. I plan on doing some paintings eventually, but again finding the time is key to that.

Work of course has been one big time consumer for me, although Steven and the kids get their summers off. I unfortunately do not. Another is we are pregnant again. I will be 13 weeks soon, so hoping it's safe to announce. It's been pretty nerve wracking the past 3 months. I have had several times of spotting, even with being on progesterone. I am going to Talequah (Indians) for the time being, as they are watching me pretty close. I have already had several ultrasounds and all have looked good, with the exception of there being another empty sac that was seen at 8 weeks. Meaning at one time there was a twin, but lost very early on. With my high propencity to have twins I wasn't surprised, but still disappointed. However, it was easier not to have watched it grow like I did with Gage's. Right now we are debating on either doing a homebirth (which I would still love to do) or go through a brand new birth center in our area. The birth center takes insurance so we are debating if it would be cost effective. We still have a high deductible and have to pay 20%. Homebirth is a flat rate. If I had my choice I would do homebirth. But I have to go with what's best for family as well. Trying not to be selfish here.

So anyways, here is one of the ultrasounds done at 11 weeks. He or she was moving around like all the others did. Heartrate has been great. Prayers are still always appreciated.

And first official belly pic at 13 weeks.