Thursday, July 20, 2006


Headache that is! Started last night and has been with me most of the day. Tylenol does not help and unfortunately can't take anything else because I am pregnant. School is probably the reason I am sure. While it isn't super stressful, having to sit there and listen for 6 hours straight at a time does not do well for my relaxing. I had to be in class more than 20 hours last week, even on Saturday, I feel like I wasted most of my week. I don't get to see Gage and Kieran on class days so that is bothering me a bit. Luckily these classes will be over the first week of August. Ahh, August, can't help but dread it to some degree, I start Fall classes, Gage starts Kindergarten, I have my 7th Anniversary, and I have my birthday (after last year I am not looking forward to anymore, it was the ultimate suckiest birthday)! I have always had busy August's but this one seems to be one of the busiest. Plus add the fact I will be between 8-9 months pregnant and in this freaking heat, can we say 'sucks'! You know it's hot when you have plans to go do something fun tomorrow, but the idea of getting out in the heat makes you cringe. I have even been meaning to get some professional maternity pics done and get a hair cut but been too tired and too afriad of the heat to make the appt's. I was going to class yesterday and I went to start my car and it was so hot I had to get out as soon as I turned it on and go sit in the shade and wait for it to cool down. I think it had to be at least 150 degrees in there. My lips burned for hours. And then I get to class and see all these teenagers getting to play on waterslides and stuff at the summer camps at John Brown, I wanted to go play too and had I not been pregnant I might have gone into class wet!! It would have made my presentation that much more interesting I am sure. K, this headache sucks, im getting off!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer classes...

Have started and they are not near as bad as the ones I took last summer. I remember being overwhelmed at the start of last years classes just from looking at all the assignments due. I think God is giving me a break because the classes I have this summer have some basic small assignments that are not so time consuming. It's also a relief to have a new professor who is not full of himself. He is so honest, it's a breath of fresh air. Both are family guys so that helps in the being pregnant deptartment. I will also be taking them both in the Fall, ironically.

In other news, I went to sleep last night without a sleepaide, that in of itself is a huge deal. I have also been feeling a bit of guilt as I have turned into once again my usual anti-social self. My friend calls me every Sunday after work to go do something and out of about 8 times he has called, I went maybe one time. I bet he thinks I am avoiding him, but unfortunately I just would rather stay home lately and be with the kids and Steven. I bet Steven kinda wishes I would go, because if I go back to the stay at home all the time that means he will feel guilty if he wants to go do something. Luckily I am not at that point. He rarely does anything so if he wants to go shoot hoops with Rodney that is fine. Although I would like to shoot some as well, I miss playing, only 3 months and I should be able to. Gosh time is flying by so fast. My birthday is next month, as well as our 7th anniversary. I need to think of something small we can do.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crunch Time!

Well it seems my relaxing is coming to an end. Monday I start my 6 hours of graduate classes for the summer, all within one month. Needless to say my head will be in the books and writing papers most of that time. Then I will get about a week off and then Fall semester starts. I had several avenue's to take as far as what to do this Fall in preparation of my graduation. While things were working out that I could start my practicum, I started having second thoughts as I was dreading the stress of it being mixed with the anticipation of the upcoming birth. While it's not necessarily a question of can I now, it's should I! Starting Practicum would mean less time away from the baby, which is causing some guilt on my part. So I try to put it in perspective, so what if I graduate a semester later, is my life going to end? No! Therefore my other two options include take 2 classes this Fall or take it off. Honestly I think it would not be prudent for me to take it off completely as I need the "outlet". So it seems I am left with the taking 2 classes option, which is the middle ground I am looking for. That will give me 2 nights away to do something for me. I can easily see myself going stir crazy if I take it off. Plus taking classes will help keep my mind from going crazy waiting on the birth, which is just right around the corner, it seems.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Early 4th fun!!

Let's see where do I start, this past weekend we went to Branson and met some MGW ladies at the beach on tablerock lake. The kids had a blast playing in the water and getting to play with other kids their ages. It was nice getting to spend some time with Kristin and Stacy as well. Then we went to the Hard Luck Diner where the waiters and waitresses sing while you eat. That was neat seeing how is kept Kieran entertained which is usually quite a feat in itself when dining out. We didn't take in any shows as Kieran wouldn't have made it through without throwing a fit. Overall it was a awesome trip and the kids loved it.

Now onto last night, which wasn't so awesome. Some dill holes thought it would be fun to set off fireworks after 12:30. Kieran kept getting woke up and that made me a little midffed. So Steven went and asked the idiot gents which were a block away to put a stop to it. Well they didn't. So out came preggo momma. I basically just let them have it, and they were so polite to say "Ok" but lo and behold 15 minutes later, we hear them again only this time along with squealing tires in our front yard. Yep the assholes decided to be cute and come throw them off in our yard. Do the idiots realize that is terroristic threatening?? Obviously not! Well the police were called and I waited for him on the corner and basically showed him where they lived. Ironically they had already cleaned up thier mess and were not there, I am sure they were driving around. In fact I told the officer that I believe the white SUV that I have seen circling around is them. So off I went home and let the officer deal with it. However that didn't keep me from sitting on our porch for 30 minutes with a camera waiting on the bastards to try it again. Needless to say, they never did. So tonight I guess we shall see what assholes they trully are.