Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Travel

This summer so far has been pretty laid back. I have taken a liking to Bejeweled 2 and my ever continuous playing it has led to dreaming of moving jewels and seeing it every time I close my eyes. I knew there was a reason I don't play video games. Gage has even joined the {curse} fun by having it put on his computer. The planetary background does nothing to keep him from it.

This next week I will be traveling to Houston and Austin with the Killbillies to play some hardcore derby. We will be leaving Thursday at midnight. Looking forward to the road trip. We will be back sometime Monday night. Then that Friday, the 11th, my Betties and I will be heading to Oklahoma City to play TARG (Tornado Alley Rollergirls). Hoping to see some of my Okie buddies while I am there. I think by the end of that week I will be traveled out and ready to stay home for awhile.

So to end this boring blog post, I am going to sit and enjoy more computer games and try and find some good Japanese horror movies on cable. The Sundance channel is the best place to find those. If not guess I will suffer some more SciFi bad acting. Got to love Saturdays where you refuse to leave the house.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kill, Kill, Kill!!!

Last nights bout was so fun. I was by far my most nervous yet. It was my first bout as an alternate for the Killbillies. I believe I peed 4 times before the bout started. Was beginning to wonder if I had diabetes or something. The Killbillies ended up rocking it with a win of 141 to 33 ish (never can remember exact scores) against the Las Tejanas "ranked" team out of Alamo City. All blockers and jammers were on last night and it showed. I had to go up to ask the stat guy how much I scored for once as I needed instant gratification (guilty as charged). Mack counted up 43 points for my tally. Although I was excited, there was a sense of fear and guilt as I may never do that well again. I guess the saying of the sun shining on the dog's ass every now and again is what I based it on, lol. Which is why I actually had to blog it or I may forget it down the road.

My Betties team had a awesome nail biting bout with the COMO derby dames. The score ended up being 52-54, with COMO winning. The highlight of that game had to be when Wagonburner sent 90 pound Ninja Squid sailing in the air and getting a major for it. Lots of great jamming by Robin, Flyon, Bloody, and Tyra.

Both visiting teams were very gracious from what I could tell, which in derby world is often missed. I actually don't remember any real mouthing going on.

Our next home bouts are not until August. In July the Killbillies are heading to Texas to play The Hell Mary's and The Hard Knocks, one in Austin and the other in Houston. Both very high performing ranked leagues. I am also an alternate for those bouts and will be traveling with them. Looking forward to the road trip, not sure about the risk of maiming I may incur. If I come out relatively unscathed I will be a happy girl. The Betties will be traveling to Oklahoma City to play TARG (Tornado Alley Rollergirls), so all you Oklahoma Buddies need to come visit me while I am there.

On other unrelated news (since I am 2 lazy to make 2 blogs in one day) this week is Vacation Bible school at our church. Anybody with kiddos ages 4 to 6th grade that would like to send their kiddos let me know. It is Monday - Thursday starting a 6 ending at 8:15. At the Shiloh Community Church in Fayetteville.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Over already

Well this weekend has been a long time making. A year ago I started out trying to plan for our 10 year reunion. I knew there was no way I could find everyone in our small class of 44 (large class actually considering our school), but I figured I could try and get and few together. I made the plans to go to Pete's place (btw, you out of towners, if you ever head toward the McAlester/Krebs area, you need to give it a try) and then let everyone decide where they want to go afterwards. Of course they choose the one and only place to go that is not just a "dive" bar. We head over to Peckerhead's which in all actuality puts most of the places here in Fayetteville to shame. I of course do not need any alcohol to drink to get crazy enough to dance... as I did... all night... sometimes being the only one out there. Randy Hass got the DJ to play one of my favs, 'Pour some sugar on me' so I could let loose at the very end. Then everyone left the floor to 'Informer' (except Charlette who came in and out, I guess feeling sorry for me) as I did my best shakira style, hip action, reggae type, belly dancing, impression. Too bad no one took pics of that one, it was one for the books.

The next day, we had a cookout at Josh's house and I was so happy with the turnout. With kiddos included we had around 50 in attendance there and over 30 the night before. Both way better than I expected. I got to see lots of faces I haven't seen in years. It was also awesome to see Ashley and Paco (Steven's BF from growing up) drive the 21 hours just to attend. Ashley's brother Tommy, one of our most memorable classmates passed away a few years ago in a car accident. So this reunion although a blast, still was bitter sweet without him. I am sure he would have been the one to put this on, had he been here.

Steven, the kids, and I had to head out early today as I had to get back for derb practice. It was so nice to get to see everyone. Several made mention we need to make this a 5 year thing. Not a bad idea.

Oooooklahoma, where the wind goes "crazy"

Oh the joys of Oklahoma. It's almost as soon as you cross over the state line you see the difference. For one, the amazing roads. With all the contruction going on you would think the roads here would be awesome, but alas, it's like driving with what feels like a flat tire. Oh and the joyous wind that has been blowing since we got here. Saw a good 'ol sandstorm across the pasture from my parents home... at the new gas/oil rig now clogging the once beautiful scenery. And the huge semi's leaving by a dozen on the small dirt (once was paved) road my parents live on, are making the view even more pleasant.

We brought Kaiser with us this time, didn't have any new neighbors we trusted to take care of him while we were gone. One of my mom's dogs (his stupid brother) has already tried attacking him making his nose bleed. He felt the brunt of my wrath on that one. Then minutes later they all start barking again. I go out and low and behold, 2 tarantulas, one huge and one almost smashed by the dogs next to a food bowl, I think it is not fully grown. Never the less, I hate spiders so I showed the kids briefly then ran in. Last night I was cooking with my mom and sitting on the counter when she reached under the cabinet and pulled out a pan with a HUGE fiddle back on it. I leaped across the kitchen, as they started scolding the small beast down the sink. I still fear that thing will creep up and find me when I am washing my hands. And let's not forget the dirt dobber/red wasps I have had to grab the kids and run to avoid.

I do not miss any of this. Although we have these things in Arkansas, living in town has made it less noticable. However, I do miss the nice running around area my parents have here, when the wind is not blowing you down the hill they live on.

Tomorrow is the big Reunion day. Getting more calls by the day of people coming, getting more excited. Can't wait to see everyone!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back y'all!

While I took advantage a couple of times of some unlucky neighbors unsecured network for a few minutes, I am finally glad to be back online... legally. I was impressed with the lack of knawing at my own skin from the withdrawels. I managed to keep myself pretty busy with moving in. The hard part of moving out is now over and most of the rooms in the new house look fairly moved in. Unfortunately there is still a ton of stuff in the garage that needs unpacking. I do several boxes a day just to keep on top of it. The kids rooms are pretty much done and look cute with their own special touches and personality. The extra room here is really nice, especially a whole room to place all the kids toys which had overtaken the other house. They have too much crap.

I had a couple of blips that tested me. Those being the overlap of switching over water and internet/cable. Water was total miscommunication on Steven's and I's part. However the internet providers around here (especially Cox) have pissed me off beyond belief. So much so, after this month we will no longer be cox customers so I will be weaning off my cox email. I will be setting up a new one somewhere in the near future.

Tomorrow after practice we will be heading down to Oklahoma. This weekend is our high schools class 10 year reunion. I have spent the last year planning this little endeavor here and there. So far it appears there is going to be a pretty good turn out for our small little class. Needless to say I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Now to catch up on everything else...