Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kill, Kill, Kill!!!

Last nights bout was so fun. I was by far my most nervous yet. It was my first bout as an alternate for the Killbillies. I believe I peed 4 times before the bout started. Was beginning to wonder if I had diabetes or something. The Killbillies ended up rocking it with a win of 141 to 33 ish (never can remember exact scores) against the Las Tejanas "ranked" team out of Alamo City. All blockers and jammers were on last night and it showed. I had to go up to ask the stat guy how much I scored for once as I needed instant gratification (guilty as charged). Mack counted up 43 points for my tally. Although I was excited, there was a sense of fear and guilt as I may never do that well again. I guess the saying of the sun shining on the dog's ass every now and again is what I based it on, lol. Which is why I actually had to blog it or I may forget it down the road.

My Betties team had a awesome nail biting bout with the COMO derby dames. The score ended up being 52-54, with COMO winning. The highlight of that game had to be when Wagonburner sent 90 pound Ninja Squid sailing in the air and getting a major for it. Lots of great jamming by Robin, Flyon, Bloody, and Tyra.

Both visiting teams were very gracious from what I could tell, which in derby world is often missed. I actually don't remember any real mouthing going on.

Our next home bouts are not until August. In July the Killbillies are heading to Texas to play The Hell Mary's and The Hard Knocks, one in Austin and the other in Houston. Both very high performing ranked leagues. I am also an alternate for those bouts and will be traveling with them. Looking forward to the road trip, not sure about the risk of maiming I may incur. If I come out relatively unscathed I will be a happy girl. The Betties will be traveling to Oklahoma City to play TARG (Tornado Alley Rollergirls), so all you Oklahoma Buddies need to come visit me while I am there.

On other unrelated news (since I am 2 lazy to make 2 blogs in one day) this week is Vacation Bible school at our church. Anybody with kiddos ages 4 to 6th grade that would like to send their kiddos let me know. It is Monday - Thursday starting a 6 ending at 8:15. At the Shiloh Community Church in Fayetteville.

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