Monday, June 09, 2008

Oooooklahoma, where the wind goes "crazy"

Oh the joys of Oklahoma. It's almost as soon as you cross over the state line you see the difference. For one, the amazing roads. With all the contruction going on you would think the roads here would be awesome, but alas, it's like driving with what feels like a flat tire. Oh and the joyous wind that has been blowing since we got here. Saw a good 'ol sandstorm across the pasture from my parents home... at the new gas/oil rig now clogging the once beautiful scenery. And the huge semi's leaving by a dozen on the small dirt (once was paved) road my parents live on, are making the view even more pleasant.

We brought Kaiser with us this time, didn't have any new neighbors we trusted to take care of him while we were gone. One of my mom's dogs (his stupid brother) has already tried attacking him making his nose bleed. He felt the brunt of my wrath on that one. Then minutes later they all start barking again. I go out and low and behold, 2 tarantulas, one huge and one almost smashed by the dogs next to a food bowl, I think it is not fully grown. Never the less, I hate spiders so I showed the kids briefly then ran in. Last night I was cooking with my mom and sitting on the counter when she reached under the cabinet and pulled out a pan with a HUGE fiddle back on it. I leaped across the kitchen, as they started scolding the small beast down the sink. I still fear that thing will creep up and find me when I am washing my hands. And let's not forget the dirt dobber/red wasps I have had to grab the kids and run to avoid.

I do not miss any of this. Although we have these things in Arkansas, living in town has made it less noticable. However, I do miss the nice running around area my parents have here, when the wind is not blowing you down the hill they live on.

Tomorrow is the big Reunion day. Getting more calls by the day of people coming, getting more excited. Can't wait to see everyone!

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