Thursday, March 21, 2013


We got approved for the house and will be closing next week!!!!!! We find this out on the same day that we also got approved by my tribe, the Potawatomi Nation, to cover the rest of our closing costs!! It's more than we could have hoped for. I am stoked!

We did our final walk through today, scheduled even before finding out the above info. Now I am going through paint colors and ideas in my head of the things we would like to do to the house in the next few years.  I couldn't be more psyched about the yard, which is almost 2 acres right on the edge of town.

Now with the worrying out of the way for getting it, now I can actually stress about the moving part (which I hate), but worth it to move into a house we bought. Luckily, we aren't hurried as we have 2 months left on our lease. Looking back on this venture, we realize it's been just under 2 months since we put the offer in on a spontaneous first look. In hindsight, I don't regret any of it, despite it not being our M.O. to be spontaneous on big decisions such as this. I have been keeping track of houses coming on the market and there has been sparse listings anyway and nothing compared to this. We are truly blessed. It literally just went on the market when I asked to go look at it. God's hand has directed us throughout this entire process. And we have learned a lot about being patient and letting go. I have also been passing this lesson onto my clients as of late. So my life lessons don't just teach me, the help me to teach and counsel. Seems I am not the only person who struggles with "wanting control". If anything, any semblance of control is a facade anyway. Trying not to take things for granted. Even now with the "go" I have hesitance. Maybe that is for the best.

Still very excited about the possibilities though!!!


Sunday, March 17, 2013


Craziness still continues, and time is limited for posting. I started back at the hospital as PRN to get more hours for hopefully soon to be moving costs. Still doing the private practice and contracts as well. My car broke down on my way to class in Siloam Springs last weekend and is still at the mechanics. Luckily I hadn't made it too far and Steven came and got me and took me to class. I was only 20 minutes late. I hate being late for anything, so considering the reasons 20 minutes was pretty good. Apparently some sensor went out, but the cause of that is what's weird. Apparently some chunk of metal came from somewhere and got bounced around for no telling how long and managed to break the sensor and almost cut the timing belt in half. Mechanic got the rare part and put it together but it's still not idling as it should, so it's taking longer than expected to figure out why. Luckily we are borrowing one of Steven's brother's trucks in the meantime.

We are still in the waiting phase of the house buying process. We are hoping to close in the next 10 days if all goes well. I am still nervous that the Rural Development people are going to drag their butt and not get it looked at before they redraw the lines on the 27th. Prayers are still needed on this. 

Some good news... Heston doesn't need tubes in his ears. We are on a dry run for ear infections and the last appointment was supposed to decide whether or not we would be getting them. He was clear for fluid, and I was extremely relieved. The kids and Steven are out for Spring break but of course I have to work, except for Friday. I am exhausted as usual but I did get to rest some today. I needed it after taking the kids to the park by myself yesterday. The older 3 are find, but OMG, Heston is difficult to coral. I believe the temp reached 83 yesterday and today it was in the 40's and dreary. Sometimes I hate Arkansas/Oklahoma weather. And of course Spring break is supposed to be cool most of the week. Can't remember one that wasn't. I really wish they would wait a week, but they never do. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Kieran and Ryker

School pics. Ryker obviously was very happy! Still waiting on Gage's.