Thursday, October 23, 2008

So much...

Stuff I haven't blogged about, and I probably can't remember half to put it down. Most of what I put down, I do so, so I can look back and see where I was at this point in the year. I have been blogging since 2004 so I like to review where I was at this time last year. Good review to see how far I came.
End of season for derby is here. My nose is mostly healed. I got some ugly wicked face shield that makes me appear to be kin to Hannibal Lector. Would make a good costume for the holiday. Something I have put off and put off is my knee, I now realize it is messed up something fierce. The few who have felt it's awkward bumpiness knows of which I speak. I am pretty sure I cracked my patella on that fall at Dill's party. Now it feels like there is a dent on it and boy is it freaky. Weird thing is it doesn't hurt at all to walk on or skate. Even falling doesn't hurt. But when I put it down on the ground and put pressure on it, it does twinge with a slight pain. I probably should get it X-rayed, but part of me is afraid it needs surgery, and well there just isn't time in my life for that. Derby Ball is coming this weekend and I have to admit I am somewhat unprepared in several ways. But oh well. Next seasons schedule sounds awesome. In August we are heading up to Colorado where I will get to see some family I haven't seen in a few years. That of course makes me ubber happy. Steven and I are going to make a small vacation of it.

On the professional side of my life, work is going good. I do get tired of parents at times, but that's just the nature of what I do. Something I have considered this past year or so and finally made a decision... to pursue a Counseling ministry through my church. I was asked by my preacher before I graduated if I would consider doing private practice using the church, rent free. Opportunities like this are not common, so I put great thought into it. I will be doing this on top of my regular job, only working a couple nights a week. If it turns out to be more, great, I can quit Vista if that miracle ever does happen. I hope to have this all up and incorporated by January, but if not I am patient.

Family is good, we are preparing for the up coming Fall carnival at Shiloh. I much prefer it to walking around outside, freezing, begging for candy, plus it seems the past few years have been rainy on Halloween. So far we don't have to buy any costumes. Ryker is wearing an old one of Gage's. Kieran is going as a princess and already has most of the stuff. Gage just wants to make him a shirt, yes make his own shirt. He was always hard to shop for anyway. Curious to see what he comes up with.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

8 and 10

A little late on Gage's birthday blog. Things have been a little busy. Work is super busy but at least it makes the day go by super fast. But having 5 minutes to eat my lunch is getting... lame (Kieran's new word).

Last Saturday was my Gage and Ryker's birthday party. Gage turned 8 on the 26th. We just do family parties right now, not exactly ready for the tons of kids ones. Didn't exactly plan it, but it was more of a musical theme than the original plan of planets as Gage had in mine. Both both got instruments. Gage got the guitar he had been wanting for awhile, as well as a bike and scooter. Ryker got a toy electronic guitar that he loved and didn't even care to open any other gifts, so I had to. He also got a piano keyboard and some kind of leapfrog drum.

This month also marks the 10th Anniversary of my discharge from the NAVY. I guess that makes me a 10 year veteran, lol. Time is flying by too fast.

Last night was our 80's dance fundraiser for NWARG in hopes to raise some money for the Killbillies to go to Minnesota this month. I am not able to go due to my nose breakage, kinda sadenning, but Apache wanted to go really bad so it was a blessing in disguise. Anyways, the dance was super fun and I of course was the first one out there, and would have been the last had my feet not had cramped up on me and forced me to leave and drive home barefooted using my big toe to push the gas. Gosh I love the 80's, and the outfits people wore were perfect. My fav was definitely Mellow and her Jane Fonda get up only she could pull off and still make it look sexy. Too bad I didn't take my camera, but others did and when I get some pics I am definitely stealing them.

So, for some pics from last weeks birthday party.

Gage helped me design the picture to use.

Gage playing his guitar like August Rush.



Notice the huge orb.