Monday, June 26, 2006


I find the resiliency of children often amazing. I admit my first fear about moving was how it would affect the kids. Well seems they were more than excited about the idea of getting a bigger and better house, of course they got everything moved for them, which might have helped. Of course this hasn't been the only change for them. Kieran it seemed got put in the older class at preschool and had to start sleeping in her big girl bed all in the same week. She seems to be adjusting fairly well. She looks forward to going to her big girl class and really hasn't fought as bad as I thought she would with the bed. She of course is still being the little toot she was before at times but I cannot blame anything but the terrible twos and her genes for that. Gage seems to be adjusting to a lot of changes as well. He attended his preschool graduation a few weeks ago and has been placed in the bigger class at church. He gets to start Kindergarten in August and I am so not ready. I am having some anxiety about that big change. I am also majorly questioning whether I should have homeschooled him instead. I guess we shall see how he does, as it might be just me that will have the problem. Seems Steven doesn't have as much of a problem with it. Is it because he is just a guy or am I overreacting?

On another note I have until July 10th to enjoy my summer as I start my summer classes then. I will be taking 6 hours in one month, at 7-8 months pregnant at that. I will be going to class twice a week for 7 hours straight as well as 2 Saturdays in that month as well. I may a bit of a crank in that time. As well as a recluse due to all the studying and assignments involved. I am also taking a class in the Fall and if I can swing it start my practicum. That depends on a couple of factors, one being if my professor assigned has no complaints seeing how I will be having a baby in the middle of the semester. I really don't want to delay my graduation more than it already will be. I guess this is something that I will be worring about for the next few months anyway. It actually will be good to keep my mind on something else other than just the pregnancy. It's hard to believe I may have as little as 10 weeks left until I have the baby so I am getting a little anxious about that. So much that I need to quit thinking about it for the minute and go drink some calming tea.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Stubborn little thieves!!

I am starting to wonder if they like the attention it is bringing. Nice to be known as idiot thieves I guess.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Our new house!

It's the 4 bedroom 3 bath we looked at the other day. Signed the papers and got the keys to start moving in today. Yes we are very fast.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Guess we are moving!!

<>Although I didn't get much sleep last night I woke up in a more understanding mood. One only God himself could have changed that fast. I realize now that it would be difficult and very stressful to buy this house. Probably way more stress than I need at this time or even 6 months down the road. Steven and I went and ate and then went and looked at nearbye houses to see if any were for rent or lease. We saw several within about 10 miles, but 2 were really close. One is literally just a block away but maybe a bit smaller, but there was a 4 bedroom, 3 bath just a mile down in another subdivision. We called the owner and had a look at it while a handyman was fixing things. It's a lot bigger than what we have now. Only thing is it is 2 story which would take some getting used too, but not necessarily a problem. So we decided to think about it and meet with him tomorrow. While I will have to move (which I am not crazy about) it will be in a better place and the kids won't have to change where they go to preschool and such. I know that I was being a bit selfish yesterday, I guess I just wasn't prepared for this change immediately, however like all changes I have come across I will manage and know that it is for the best. Now if I could just get someone to move for me!!