Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting a jump start...

The boys saw this and got super excited!


30th Birthday!

Post is a little late but as usual this week has been super busy. Last weekend was so nice. Best weekend in a long time. Very stress free. Last Friday I took off work early and went shopping. I hardly do that ever, but it was good, just me, perfect for an introvert. Saturday was my birthday dinner that Steven had planned. He cooked a bunch of lasagna and spaghetti. He invited out Sunday school couples class and it was a blast. We played some board games after we ate. I like simplicity obviously. The kids had their own pizza party and played games. Sunday I decided to try and make it practice and ease back in after my LOA. Our new coach has done a great job putting us all to work and even my 6 day a week workout schedule didn't quite prepare my lungs for the extensive cardio. Nothing I can do at home is even close to what I can do at derby speeding around. But good news is I kept up and didn't die, so I was happy.

This weekend is pretty lazy. I needed it. Work is still super stressful and only getting worse now that school has started again. I realize it will never get easier, even with my super efficiency. Efficiency cannot cure stressful situations, which happen daily at work. Kids are doing well at school. Gage has not gotten in trouble yet (knock on wood) and happens to be the only boy in his class that can say that. Kieran has actually gotten in trouble a couple of times for talking (doesn't surprise me). It's a new thing for her considering she never once got in trouble last year.

So it looks like September is right around the corner and I need to start planning Gage and Ryker's Mario Birthday Party. Will try and get the invites made soon. My camera has sucked for quite sometime and I need a new one bad.

Here are a couple of pics from my birthday.

Cherry Blossom cake


Pic with Kieran, notice my 30th birthday necklace from my Sunday school teachers.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before I forget...

Kids started school this week. I am not one of those mom's who looks forward to it. But at least they are. Ryker though, missed them badly when he had to go to daycare. He held on to me longer than usual.

First day, Ryker couldn't wake up.


Bubba tried to help him.


Yesterday was the start of my birthday weekend. My co-workers got me a coffee and a really neat hygiene carry all for my traveling, as well as some other goodies.
Tonight is my birthday dinner. Steven has been cooking all day. Some of the others are bringing other stuff. Hopefully I will have some pics later.

P.S. I totally forgot but I got placed on the Red team in derby for the new home team season. Out new name is the Heartbreak Rollers. I love it. Hoping to ease back into practice soon. May even try to go tomorrow. There are also 3 other teams, Pink, Green, and Blue. The league is growing so much, it's awesome.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Together 13 years total. Getting closer to calling it half my life with this man. Of coarse with my anniversary comes a really bad pulled back muscle from this morning making it difficult to even move. Can't even walk around the block so it's keeping me from everything. I broke down on our way to getting some heating pads and arnica. First cry I have had in probably a year. Between it and the tension headache that finally went away after two weeks, and the possible ulcer I have, this was the final straw. I can't even take NSAIDs right now due to possible upsetting of the ulcer. Murphy's Law has been pegging me big time. I even spent $45 dollars worth of lingerie at a slumber party last night that will have to wait until after I am no longer lame. I also signed up to host a party on October 22nd. I figure it will be fun if I can get a decent amount of ladies to go. I don't do much social stuff outside of derby anymore. Sadly, don't do enough inside as well. I blame that on my INFJ personality type.

Want to know your type?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Dance your cares away, worries for another day!

Yeah it's been one of those Mondays. Probably one of the most stressful in a long time. Granted it would have been worse if I hadn't prayed to God to help me through all of it. So after dinner, with my lacking motivation for exercise, I decide to just turn on my dance mix and I ended up breaking a sweat for nearly 90 minutes. I need to do this more often. No tapes, no choreography, just my music and me.

Fraggle Rock had it right all along.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


This week has been one of the most stressful weeks of this whole year. While I cannot go into the other additions to my stress (other than the usual work), I will just say I am on several committee's and this week decided to show me just how much I can or cannot handle. The tension headache started on Monday and I still have some residual effects from it. I cannot remember the last time I got one of these, but they are not your typical headache. They don't go away. Before only muscle relaxers would held. I really do not want to have to do that again, so I am trying as many natural remedies as I can. Thursday I got desperate and took some cheap Excedrin Extra strength and the aspirin upset my stomach so bad I have had cramping in my liver area on and off since. It feels just like it did when I had gallbladder pains, only I have no gallbladder now. Today is the first day since Thursday it has not been killing me. I just keep hoping that things will slow down a bit this week so I can enjoy my Anniversary next Saturday.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hellllooooo August!

It's always the busiest month in our household. Steven and the kiddos go back to school starting on the 19th. Steven actually starts back on the 10th with a day break on the 18th, just long enough to take Ryker to the dentist. I actually dread when school starts for my kids, I am an odd parent, I know. Our 11th Anniversary will be on the 14th. And my big 3-0 birthday will be on the 23rd. Actually decided to do something for this year, so Steven is planning a Italian birthday dinner on the 21st with some couples from our church. We will actually be using the church so the kids can have their own pizza/movie party. We haven't decided if we will just do movies or play Scattegories or something. Yes, as is evident I am not much a partier. I do require a cake though, although my demand for a fancy one is not set is stone and right now simple sounds more my taste. Still debating on whether or not to ask off for the actual day, which would be a Monday, which happens to be my busiest day of the week. However, I am leaning on just making it a day with Ryker. We shall see.

I am finding this heat is making it difficult to even want to walk outside to go anywhere. It is way past unbearable. I feel bad for some of my coworkers who happen to be on the unlucky side of the hospital whose air conditioners went out this week and won't be fixed until Friday. By the time I get home at night I am finding it literally has zapped my energy just being out in it just the short ride home. I have gotten to be pretty addicted to my working out 6 days a week, but yesterday I laid down next to Ryker as he was napping and zonked out. I felt guilty for not getting the workout in, but boy did my body need the rest. Yesterday also came with a killer headache that I eventually had to sit in the tub to get rid of. I am so looking forward to Fall so I can start running outside on top of my usual workouts. I have added a lot of interval training in the past couple of weeks and my stamina kicked up pretty quick. Sadly, I am probably in better shape now since taking my leave of absence from derby. My nails have grown super long as well, making typing difficult.

I am so ready for some cooler weather... but not cold!