Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Together 13 years total. Getting closer to calling it half my life with this man. Of coarse with my anniversary comes a really bad pulled back muscle from this morning making it difficult to even move. Can't even walk around the block so it's keeping me from everything. I broke down on our way to getting some heating pads and arnica. First cry I have had in probably a year. Between it and the tension headache that finally went away after two weeks, and the possible ulcer I have, this was the final straw. I can't even take NSAIDs right now due to possible upsetting of the ulcer. Murphy's Law has been pegging me big time. I even spent $45 dollars worth of lingerie at a slumber party last night that will have to wait until after I am no longer lame. I also signed up to host a party on October 22nd. I figure it will be fun if I can get a decent amount of ladies to go. I don't do much social stuff outside of derby anymore. Sadly, don't do enough inside as well. I blame that on my INFJ personality type.

Want to know your type?

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