Saturday, August 28, 2010

30th Birthday!

Post is a little late but as usual this week has been super busy. Last weekend was so nice. Best weekend in a long time. Very stress free. Last Friday I took off work early and went shopping. I hardly do that ever, but it was good, just me, perfect for an introvert. Saturday was my birthday dinner that Steven had planned. He cooked a bunch of lasagna and spaghetti. He invited out Sunday school couples class and it was a blast. We played some board games after we ate. I like simplicity obviously. The kids had their own pizza party and played games. Sunday I decided to try and make it practice and ease back in after my LOA. Our new coach has done a great job putting us all to work and even my 6 day a week workout schedule didn't quite prepare my lungs for the extensive cardio. Nothing I can do at home is even close to what I can do at derby speeding around. But good news is I kept up and didn't die, so I was happy.

This weekend is pretty lazy. I needed it. Work is still super stressful and only getting worse now that school has started again. I realize it will never get easier, even with my super efficiency. Efficiency cannot cure stressful situations, which happen daily at work. Kids are doing well at school. Gage has not gotten in trouble yet (knock on wood) and happens to be the only boy in his class that can say that. Kieran has actually gotten in trouble a couple of times for talking (doesn't surprise me). It's a new thing for her considering she never once got in trouble last year.

So it looks like September is right around the corner and I need to start planning Gage and Ryker's Mario Birthday Party. Will try and get the invites made soon. My camera has sucked for quite sometime and I need a new one bad.

Here are a couple of pics from my birthday.

Cherry Blossom cake


Pic with Kieran, notice my 30th birthday necklace from my Sunday school teachers.


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