Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Ok, so I suck at blog writing so we will see how this goes. Let the venting my frustrations commense, lol!

Ok so Steven (DH) decided to do a little shopping, but of course forgot to mention it to me, but it was only $200 worth of computer parts that I am pretty sure we discussed not getting, hmmmm, to bad that little Chinese guy from California called to let me know they won't be shipping it until tomorrow. Boy was I pissed, and of coarse his first instinct was to say no big deal, until of coarse perspective reeled it's ugly head in and he realized hey that's a Christmas present, or that could have been used for a patio set, oh wait that was my thoughts not his, oops. I still don't think he grasped it, even though he says yeah you are right, but not after the fact he already ordered it and no replacing that. Oh well must keep the peace, or lose the sanity. But if it would have been me that did that, ohh all hell would have broken out, instead I try to buy stuff and feel guilty for spending $10 on a wall hanging for the bedroom and put it back.

Also Im getting pretty perturbed with my place of employment. Now mind you I do work with adolescent sex offenders, but that's not even what bothers me. I have a certain schedule which I have to work around Steven's so we can stay home with the kids because with what I get paid we can't afford daycare, but that doesn't keep them from calling me at all hours of the day, including 5:30 a.m. to come in. I mean I realize that im the only one that has small children but geez I don't know how many people know that there and it still doen't click. I really hope a better job calls my name soon.

Kieran has been a bit of a crank today, I think those top teeth are starting to push through, we'll see. Took a couple of steps today, not even 9 months old. Oh boy, not ready for this. Had a playdate for Gage today, went well, met a little boy with the same birthday as Gage and same age, too cute. I swear that Gage loves everybody, he even played with a year old baby girl there, such a sweetie.

Uhhh back to work tomorrow! Please God let the Kids be good and Give me patience and of coarse let the time go quickly. Well enough for tonight! Not bad for the first.