Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back y'all!

While I took advantage a couple of times of some unlucky neighbors unsecured network for a few minutes, I am finally glad to be back online... legally. I was impressed with the lack of knawing at my own skin from the withdrawels. I managed to keep myself pretty busy with moving in. The hard part of moving out is now over and most of the rooms in the new house look fairly moved in. Unfortunately there is still a ton of stuff in the garage that needs unpacking. I do several boxes a day just to keep on top of it. The kids rooms are pretty much done and look cute with their own special touches and personality. The extra room here is really nice, especially a whole room to place all the kids toys which had overtaken the other house. They have too much crap.

I had a couple of blips that tested me. Those being the overlap of switching over water and internet/cable. Water was total miscommunication on Steven's and I's part. However the internet providers around here (especially Cox) have pissed me off beyond belief. So much so, after this month we will no longer be cox customers so I will be weaning off my cox email. I will be setting up a new one somewhere in the near future.

Tomorrow after practice we will be heading down to Oklahoma. This weekend is our high schools class 10 year reunion. I have spent the last year planning this little endeavor here and there. So far it appears there is going to be a pretty good turn out for our small little class. Needless to say I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Now to catch up on everything else...

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