Sunday, April 13, 2008

A little smack down never hurt anyone

Last night was a very successful start of our home bout season. Lots of people in attendance, beer went out quickly, and both NWARG teams were victorious. It was quite evident that the Capital City Crushers in which the Betties were playing were all about "hitting". Even more evident they particularly liked to show me their mad skills. With my ever luminous grace I took each knock down and got right back up, even when several would fall on me. After awhile I was struggling with a severe headache that scared me a bit. Intense pain shot across my forehead, which felt much like a hot metal bar pushing against it. The flashes from cameras were making their own way into my head even after the eyes decided to stay shut. My derby wife offered me some gatorade and I finally put away my protein waters. No more will I use them, it wasn't 10 minutes after drinking gatorade I started to feel normal again. After sitting out a few jams I was ready to get back in, thought I felt more like myself. But I still got tossed around like a rag doll. Even managed to almost complete a backward somersault after someone named Boom Boom threw my butt. Video is below. look to the left of the screen about 45 seconds or so in. It's fun stuff. I still am not sure what the vendetta against me was, but it was evident during the last jam of the game I was lined up to jam and the coach pulled one of the blockers from the pack and wasn't exactly quiet about telling her to hit me... which she did on my back right off the line. Be more subtle next time coach. The rest of night was just as exciting with the Killbillies kicking some BERG butt.

Not exactly sure on ending scores, I am bad at that stuff I guess, Ours was like 61ish something to like 54ish. Killbillies was 117ish to 80ish. I like ish's.

next home bout will be on the 26th of April.


And as promised one of my jams with my famous backwards roll. I swear there was a split second there I thought my neck was going to break. And some more hits as well.

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