Sunday, January 27, 2013


I thought Heston was coming down with what Kieran had so we stayed home from church today. So far looks like a cold, which is annoying enough, but at least it's not strep. I did get to sleep in a tad today, which my body appreciated greatly. I am still ubber sore from a new workout 2 days ago. Good news is it's around my core area which is sometimes the hardest area to work, but gosh this one killed it. We have been mostly just lying around. Heston is asleep on me as I type. Pretty typical actually. I made some pinterest skinny confetti cupcakes today. Steven swore up and down sprite zero couldn't make a decent cupcake. He was wrong. He admitted it. My house is a mess and my dad just called and said he is probably coming down tomorrow or Tuesday. He must be healing pretty good from his surgery to want to travel. And no I don't plan on going on an energy expenditure to eradicate the mess. Kids will clean up their messes and I may do laundry, because that's how I roll. Honestly, my dad is pretty laid back and won't care for toys strung out here and there. I think he comes down to see the kids anyway.

Hard to believe we are almost in February. In some ways January has drug out and in some ways it is flying by. I think time generally is getting away from me as usual. It's hard to stay on top of things anymore. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact some things will always be behind and I am ok with that.


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