Thursday, August 14, 2008

9 years

Sorry for the lack of updates. Seems the Olympics have me for the time being. Seems this years drama is more than usual and well it's better than anything on cable at the moment. Ready for my favorite tonight with the Individual Women's gymnastics.

Today marked my 9th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe 9 years ago I was finishing up at our reception at this time. This also is our 11th year together as a couple, long time considering we are 27. Well, at least for another week for me. We went to Gage's school to meet his new teacher and look at his classroom today. His teacher is young and really nice so of coarse he really likes her. It always makes me nervous since what happened his Kindergarten year when I had to take him out and homeschool him because of a clash with his teacher. I am strange I guess when I am happy when the teachers are young, since that particular clash was based on an older teacher and old school mentality. Not saying an older teacher couldn't win me over, but I would be gun shy.

Last Saturday was my Oral Counseling Exam in Little Rock. It went over especially well, I think. Was pretty brief, even left me with this, "Is that all?" feeling. Hoping to hear back soon so I can start getting paid. That night was our last home game. All teams put up a great fight. I have said all week that was definitely one of the most physical games and best defensive ones we have had all year. Killbillies were up by 1 point with 34 seconds left on the clock. There was a ref discrepancy after the time ran out and 3 points were given to the other team, giving them the win. Of coarse I believe we really won, but hey. All teams celebrated the same at the after party with the now infamous blue grass band, Cletus got shot. Has to be the first time a blue grass band made me plug my ears and make me blush with some of the words they were using.

Tomorrow we head to Oklahoma for a night to see the fam. It's been awhile for me and the kiddos. Hopefully it's as nice down there as it has been here. Loving the cool August weather.

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