Saturday, August 02, 2008

Summer in full force

Well, August is here and with it comes the "blazing" heat. That word has so much meaning to me now. If you don't know why, then never mind. Today was our leagues car wash. In short it was a success. Nothing like demeaning oneself to make money for a good cause. I definitely preferred washing the cars to holding the signs, that's all I am saying. My spf 70 worked awesome and has left me feeling sandpaperish and smelling "sunny"... but no sunburn.

My husband is currently on his way back from Oklahoma. Our temporary car (borrowed from Daddy) has quit on him twice so far. Why? Because of it's nice useful gas saver feature that makes the engine stop when it gets too hot. First time it did it was when we went to Dallas in Feb. and we were stuck in traffic due to a wreck. Fun times. Only this time, it's doing it as he is going down the highway. Now normally once a car is going, it is unlikely to do this because of the air blowing in. However, when the air outside is over 100 degrees, it's not very helpful. So Steven has figured out he needs to turn off the a/c and put some water in it. Hopefully he will be home soon. I could really use an ice cold beverage right about now, something fruity, like... koolaid!!! What? Did you think I was going to say margarita?

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