Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New look requires new post

Pretty laid back day. Finally got my date for my oral interview for my Counselor licensing. No surprise it's the exact same date as our last home bout. Got me a room the night before in Little Rock so I don't have to drive the 3 hours there at the crack of dawn.

Had trouble walking today. Seemed to have developed a nice blister underneath my pusher callous on my right foot. As hard as I tried not to jam to much last night, I did end up doing more than it was ready for after I cut it off (bad move, I know). Ah, the joys and pains of derb. Speaking of derb and last home bouts, I hope everyone is making plans to be there on the 9th. It promises to be an event to remember. The Killbillies are seeking revenge on the Mad Maxines (from Nebraska) from last season's bout. The Betties are going to be beating down some Alabama butt as well. Also be at Art's Place this Saturday for our car wash. It's a win win situation... make a donation and we wash your vehicle and give you a hose down if you ask. As hot as it's been, you may appreciate it.

Been contemplating some career ventures as of late. Steven has been pushing me to do the Non-Traditional Program he is in. At first I was pretty dead set against it. I have no desire to teach kids all day. Then he mentioned I could do School Counseling. While it isn't a whole lot different than what I am doing, there are aspects of the "guidance counselor" I am not crazy about. Including the college prep stuff. Steven says they don't do a whole bunch of that in the big schools here and that there are other positions that do that now. So I thought a little more on it and went and looked and apparently in the State of Arkansas, guidance/ school counseling is a high need area for this year. I do have to admit the idea of paid summers off is very interesting, as well as the fact that school counselors in the bigger schools here make 20K-30K more than average therapists. Of course there is the whole NTL program and more money I would have to spend on getting in it. But I figure I have some time until next year to think about it. I guess it couldn't hurt to look into.

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