Sunday, July 27, 2008

Creepy crawlers

So tonight I decided to go see the new Dark Knight movie, by myself. For those who know me, you know I like to see movies by myself, so don't feel sorry for me. True introversion in all its glory. So this has been the 4th or 5th weekend this summer I have had the kids to myself as Steven went to Oklahoma to work with his dad. Needless to say, I needed the break. So upon arriving at the Springdale 10:10 showing I got my drink and turned in my ticket, only to be turned away for another 5 minutes or so for cleanup from the earlier crowd. So I sat on the nearest bench, drinking my drink, when I decided to put my light sweater on that I brought, to keep me from freezing, which always happens when I go to the movies. About a minute later I feel what I thought was something crawling on my back. I felt back there to only find my tag. I thought nothing of it, as the past week I have felt creepy crawlers all over me. I have a bad fear of spiders and this time of year is awful, especially considering I have seen 2 or 3 huge fiddle backs (brown recluses) in my house in the past month, as well as seeing nice an ugly bite on a healthy male of league... this has only fed my neurosis.


Next thing I know I feel a very definite crawling thing in my pants on my butt. I froze for about 2 seconds and then jumped up ever so high, and swat my butt as hard as I could while at the same time try and grab whatever it was to prevent it from possibly biting me. I then run to the women's restroom only 5 feet away and leave my purse unattended while I quickly jump in a stall and strip off my sweater and the lower half of my attire, looking for what I was sure to be a spider. None was seen. Then I noticed a somewhat smashed looking bug on the floor. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a June bug. I hoped it was the cause of my temporary attack, as I like them and was even a bit sad to see it smooshed. I then calmly get dressed and walk out to some very odd looks and go about my waiting to go in the movie. I broke the uncomfortable silence by calling my husband and telling him of my humor. And then I quickly went in to watch a good movie along with the other 10 other people there. Second week out and this theater was not packed for this showing, I am stunned. But loved it none the less.

Now that's entertainment...

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