Friday, July 25, 2008

Plasma Power

As the days go by and the longer it takes before I go before the Board of Counseling Examiners of my State, I am finding it more and more tempting to donate plasma for some hard earned cash. I was told that I was on the books for August, which meets the 8th and 9th. No letter in the mail has arrived to tell me the exact date and time. This could be that the phone call I made over a month ago to change my address is still being ignored. Last thing I received from them still did not have my changed address on it and of course causes things to take forever due to being forwarded. And these are the people in charge of my license and whom I am supposed to aspire to. You would think that changing an address would be an easy task as well as sending out invitations well enough in advance that people actually can make reservations for a hotel room if need be. But, alas, the rest of the world must not run like I would prefer it to.

Still the question lingers, would donating plasma twice a week affect my energy level for derb? Honestly, it's the only thing keeping me from it right now.


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