Sunday, January 04, 2015

Day 4: 25 things to do before my next birthday

Yikes, I don't like this one. 25 things to do before my next birthday... I will keep it simple and general.

1. Sleep more. 
2. Relax more.
3. More fun with the kiddos. 
4. Go to the trampoline park at least once.
5. Go skating again, possibly join the rec. league in derby again.
6. Keep adding muscle and get more ripped. Ha!
7. Read at least 3 good books. Hopefully more.
8. Plan at least one family mini vacation.
9. Try out more recipes. Already been doing this. I like it!
10. Worry less.
11. Get most of my CEU's done. 
12. Do at least one awesome fun 5k type event.
13. More dates with Steven. Been trying to do more of this as well.
14. See more movies in the theaters.
15. Clean out my flower beds in the spring. 
16. Shampoo my carpets. Gosh they need it.
17. Paint my bedroom.
18. Redo at least one piece of furniture. 
19. Hopefully get a double stroller.
20. Paint more.
21. Get more crafty in general.
22. Grow more in my relationship with God.
23. Volunteer more.
24. Get a awesome bathing suit and actually wear it. 
25. Always try to pay it forward. 

And to top it all off, look who will be 1 tomorrow!!

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