Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 20: 5 things I am passionate about!

1. God and my faith. 
2. Family, my family to be more specific.
3. Mental Health. Both prevention and treatment aspects of it. 
4. Child Advocacy. In all areas it is needed. My soap box and energy usually pursues the abused and neglected side. But child advocacy in all areas is important. 
5. Sleep. Yes, I am passionate about sleep. Too many ignore the importance of enough sleep. It can exacerbate both physical and mental problems when one doesn't get proper sleep. Me personally... I have seizures. No joke. Some people get psychotic. Other just get sick or have health problems. No good ever comes from lack of sleep. None. 

And if there was a 6th it would be tied with fitness and education in general. 

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