Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 15 and 16 catch up! Excitement and Regret and Day 17 for today!

Trying to play catch up here. 

Day 15: Something that excites you or fills you with joy!

Vacation! For us it's not an official one but usually a weekend a couple of hours away. Honestly it could be a staycation where we don't get to go anywhere, but are not expected to do anything specific. Sometimes simple weekends turn into these and they are the best.

Day 16: Something that I regret not doing this past year.

There isn't much actually. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that may count. I really wish we would have gotten Ridlee's footprints made right after she was born. I kept saying I would then she got too big and then too late. 

Day 17: Someone who broke your heart.

Would you believe I married him? Seriously I didn't have a huge dating pool before him because I was so young. Most of the ones I did date I couldn't stand much into it. Steven was the only exception. He broke up with me a few times when we dated. His mother called it wild hairs. Much of this had to do with the fact I was supposed to be going into the NAVY and I think the impending departure was scary. In the end it never took him long to realize he was scared and stupid. And despite my stubborn streak as well, I always took him back. I will say when the ring was put on my finger the wild hair he had went away. The first time he broke up with me was probably the worst. It hurt bad and it came out of nowhere. Ah to be young again... NOT!

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