Saturday, January 03, 2015

Day 3: My day in detail!

Yay for doing this on a Saturday! I am just giving a rough rundown vs. times and what not.
* Get up late. Ridlee went to bed late and I was exhausted. Plus it's Saturday and my last day to sleep in before the regular schedule commences. 
* Eat breakfast. Lay around. Check internet what for's.
* Get out my hair highlighting kit that I have had for Kieran and I forever. Highlight both of our hair. This was her first time. I then showed her how to curl her hair with her new curling iron she got for Christmas. Finish getting myself ready.
* Lunch time. 
* More lounging. Get Ridlee to take a nap. Heston also takes his nap. Prepare my schedule for the week.
* Littles wake up. Play around for awhile. 
* Clean up a bit.
* Get ready for dinner. Steven cooked while I played with the two youngest and watched Powerpuff girls.
* Dinner. 
* Did my billing for last week. 
* Doing this blog entry,
Future plans for tonight...
* Workout. 
* Get all the kiddos washed and into the beds. The two littles will take the rest of the night to get down. It's not easy. The struggle is real. 
Church tomorrow. 
I am glad I didn't have to do a regular week day with this. I would have been too worn out to type it all. 
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