Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 23: Most memorable vacation

My parents did family vacations via car almost every year. We have traveled a great deal. Lots of trips to Colorado where we are originally from. I was born in Denver. We still have a lot of family there on my Mom's side. My parents met there despite both originally being from Oklahoma. I love the mountains. We have a time share in Dillon, CO, which has been awesome except for the fact growing up it was always right after school started and the week of my birthday. The birthday thing is not so much an issue but the school thing has made it difficult to go. Colorado starts after Sept 1st, at least they used to, not sure anymore. Both Oklahoma and Arkansas starts in August. This makes it hard to pull kids out and with Steven teaching he can't go. But one of these days I will go back. The last time I went was on my 14th birthday. So 20 years ago. 

My probably number 1 longest and funnest trips was when we (parents, sister, and I) went to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. I love nature and it was absolutely beautiful. It was a year or two after the big fire in the 90's. Can't remember exactly what year. Judging by the pic I was around 15. 

We also made a lot of trip's to Missouri to my mom's best friends, Dodi's. They lived on a lake. It was always a blast. We (sister and I) are actually planning on taking my Mom in the upcoming months as a Christmas present to her. 

Now if I can just get my kids and Steven to go on an actual vacation. 

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