Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mastered the art of the Coffehouse Mocha

I have had a latte machine for a couple of years. I have tried every concoction I can think of. My best yet is my mocha or as I call it the "Blazen Mocha". Blazen was my derby name. It's not your typical chocolate milk with coffee though. I had to experiment a lot to find the perfect one.

The base:

* 2 tsp mini chocolate chips
* 2 tsp white chocolate chips
* 1-2 Tbsp milk
Microwave for 20 seconds and mix well together until all is melted and looks like a super rich chocolate milk. 

Using my latte machine...
I mix the base with 8 oz. milk and 1 Tbsp of unsweet cocoa. I eye everything so measurements are approximate.
This is made with one shot of espresso. So if you don't have a latte machine just make about 2-4 oz of super strong coffee. 

Last is I add a couple of dashes of cinnamon. Stir well. Maybe that's what makes it the Blazen Mocha. 

Some variations...

* Replace cinnamon with a tsp of mint extract for a mint mocha. 
* Add some caramel sauce for a caramel mocha
* Add a small dash of chili powder to make it a Mayan Mocha. Mocha with a BITE! You can add a touch more of cinnamon if you do this. This version is pretty awesome for a cold day.
I have done all of these and they are all awesome!

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